Regional Women's Committee Meeting - April 25 @ 5:15 pm

April 25, 2019
5:15 pm to 7:15 pm
175 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Map)
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April 25, 2019
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To all Manitoba Locals, National Officers, Committees and Prairie Region Council Members:

All members in good standing who identify as women are invited to attend the next Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee meeting.

What:                Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

When:               Thursday, April 25 at 5:15 pm

Where:              Winnipeg Regional Office - 175 Hargrave Street, 4th Floor PSAC Boardroom

RSVP                Please rsvp your attendance using the online link above

Agenda:            Attached

Why Regional Women’s Committees?

  • to inform and educate women on the political, social, economic, and workplace issues that affect them
  • to speak with women with a strong, common voice and advocate policies that promote all women’s rights
  • to mobilize women to participate in the union and take action on the issues
  • to empower women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to exercise effective leadership
  • to support women through a network that links them to each other, to the union, and to the community
  • to work side by side with racialized and Indigenous women, LBTQ2SIA women, and women with disabilities to advance real equality and make the PSAC an inclusive union