Federal employees walk out for National Day of Action

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Federal employees walk out for National Day of Action

WINNIPEG, MB – Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada are taking to the streets, throughout the Prairies and across Canada, in protest of the Conservative government’s austerity agenda. At noon today, March 1, PSAC members will stand together in front of their workplaces to rally against the slashing of public services.

“Today, public service workers are standing together in solidarity to voice their concern,” says Robyn Benson, Regional Executive Vice-President for the PSAC Prairie Region. “We’re standing united to bring attention to the harm that the cuts to public services will have on Canadian families and communities.”

The PSAC’s National Day of Action comes just one day after finance minister Jim Flaherty announced the federal budget delivery date of March 29. This budget will lay the groundwork to cut public services by by $8 to $10 billion over the next two to four years. This could mean the loss of more than 100, 000 public and private sector jobs across Canada. 

“This government needs to focus on strengthening our public services and continuing to build our communities,” says Benson. “The impending cuts will only devastate key social, environmental and cultural services that Canadians rely on.”

For a complete list of rally locations and workplace actions across the Prairie Region, click here.

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