Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes (Feb 26 2009)


Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

February 26th, 2009  at Calgary Regional Office

In Attendance:                                             Regrets:

Nicole Frechette – AGR 30046                     Pat Buchanan – Parks (National) 30186

Heike McRae – UPCE 30100                       Joyce Lewis – CEIU 30877

Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857                      Sylvia Garrioch – CEIU 30877

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO Staff

1. Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.

2. Review of last meeting’s minutes

Reviewed minutes of last meeting. Nicole (Chair) read minutes. Motion to accept minutes.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Heike; Nicole

3. Budget

Budget preparation and negotiation for 2009 Draft Budget.

4. Poverty Talks

Motion for Dolly and Heike to participate at the Poverty Talks Luncheon on March 7 th , 2009

and for a potential donation towards any initiatives that may be brought up at the gathering.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Nicole; Tammy

5. Women’s March for Remembrance of Murdered and Missing Women - February 14 th , 2009

Motion to donate to the ongoing cause of the Women’s March for Remembrance of Murdered

and Missing Women in the amount of $200.00 with pictures to follow.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Heike; Nicole

6. Prairies

This is a You Tube channel set up by the PSAC. PSAC members are encouraged to videotape

events and upload to the page. For instructions on uploading to the page, please contact Dolly

Ablitt at

7. International Women’s Day - March 5 th , 2009

International Women’s Day on Thursday March 5 th , 2009 from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. A celebration

pot luck dinner will be held at Carpenter’s Hall in Calgary. Motion to reimburse Nicole and/or

Heike for preparation of a vegetable or meat/cheese tray up to a value of $75.00.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Heike; Nicole

8. Annual General Meeting - March 10 th , 2009

Discussion and finalization for AGM on March 10 th , 2009: Reconciliation of Budget for 2008,

discussion of activities for 2009, election of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. A 5:30 pm dinner

will be held at the Calgary PSAC office.

9. Bill C-10 Lobby Campaign

Dolly has sent out materials to locals for dissemination. Over 1700 postcards have been

disseminated. An e-mail from Dolly will be sent out to sign a petition and to send an e-mail to

MPs. One suggested potential activity will be to send a sympathy card offering condolences on the death of pay equity. Motion to participate in the Bill C-10 campaign by promoting the following activities - video vignettes, sympathy card, post card and petition.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Heike; Nicole

10. Heike brought DVDs for future viewing. The titles are Looking for Justice, Tsunami, and HIV Aids. In the future, the RWC will have a movie night and fun for a potential recruitment activity.

11. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, March 10 th , 2009 at 5:30 pm.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Nicole; Heike


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