PRC Conference Call (Apr. 9, 2009)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call - April 9, 2009
Present: Robyn Benson, Rahil Ahmad, Satinder Bains, Carol Casey, Glen Johnston, Timothy Hunt, Matt Tijani, Mary Veilleux, Clint Wirth, Deanna Kimball

1) PRC Health and Safety Committee

It was brought to Sister Benson’s attention that with Heike leaving the Health & Safety Committee would consist of three (3) Brothers.  As such, she asked the Council their thoughts and suggested a number of options (all “brainstorming”).  The following are three options for your consideration:

Option 1: Brother Rahil Ahmad could move to the Finance Committee and Sister Fran Mohr could move to the Health & Safety Committee;

Option 2: Brother Bill Osborne, Brother Rahil Ahmad, and Brother Clint Wirth stay as the Health and Safety Committee;

Option 3: The Finance, Communications, Education and Health & Safety Committee switch between each other. The Political Action (AC) and the HRC, RWC & Youth Committee would remain the same.

2) PSAC Prairie Union School

Sister Benson reminded Council Members that if they applied it is not automatic that their application is accepted.  If Council Members are selected to attend then there is an expectation that they will exemplify themselves as Leaders of the Prairie Region.

3) Upcoming Conference calls:

In order to discuss the allocations from Ottawa to the Area Councils, RWC, and HRC conference calls will be scheduled after Convention once all requested information is received from the A/C’s, RWC’s & HRC’s.  PRC budget allocations have been sent to the Regional Offices for distribution.

Sister Kimball will schedule the conference calls after Convention.

4) CLC Manitoba Kids Camp:

In the past the PRC provided a subsidy for one or two children to attend the CLC Manitoba Kids Camp as well as to pay for the loss of salary for a Camp Counsellor.  Council Members on the conference call approved funding for two children however expressed concern over the counsellor.  Sister Benson indicated that a portion of the counsellor’s loss of salary can be funded from the REVP Special Projects budget and the other portion from the PRC Federation of Labour line item.  We would like input from the full PRC:

Option 1: 2 children and no counsellor or

Option 2: 2 children / and 1 counsellor

5) Fall PRC Meeting

There are two options for the fall meeting;

Option 1: 

Thursday, October 15th - Fly in pm or late evening to Saskatoon,

Friday, October 16th – PRC meet ½ day in am and PRC and PSAC Prairies Staff ½ day meet in pm

Saturday, October 17th – PRC meet all day

Saturday evening travel home or Sunday am

Option 2: 

Thursday, October 15th - Fly evening to Saskatoon

Friday, October 16th – PRC and PSAC Prairies Staff meet all day

Saturday, October 17th – PRC meet all day

Sunday, October 18th – PRC meet ½ day; fly home in afternoon/evening

6) Joint Committee Meetings:

Sister Benson advised Council that Joint Committee Meetings (AC’s, RWC’s and HRC’s) has been added to the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) agenda for April in order to discuss with Brother John Gordon and the other REVP’s.

At the Fall PRC meeting, we would like to discuss the following:

 - How each AC, RWC and HRC takes on actions?

 - How do we encourage our AC’s, RWC’s and HRC’s to be more active?

Next meeting: 2nd week of May at 6:00 pm (Central time) via conference call

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