PRC Conference Call Minutes (Aug 2012)

Present: Marianne Hladun, Imy Bhatty, Shaun Brennand, Jerad Cooper, Alex George, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Glen Johnston, ChadKemery, Nina Kiviluoma, Denni Nelson, Jackie Nettleton, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Matt Tijani, Clint Wirth, Lisa Garnier, Alison Davis

Regrets: Amanda-Rose Bourget, Dave Burchell, David Fandrich, Tim Hogan, Nancy Johnson, Petrina Runns, Steve Van Opstal

Sister Hladun reconfirmed that the conference call has been called to decide on the location of the 2014 Prairie Region Convention with two cities being considered: Regina and Saskatoon.  The process used by the REVP’s office to gather the information and proposals was facilitated by Tourism Saskatoon and the Regina Hotel Association (Conventions Regina).  Site tours were conducted in July with Sister Gaelle Felix – Convention, Conferences and Project Officer and Sister Alison Davis – Executive Assistant to the REVP Prairies.

Sister Hladun did a walk through of the proposal package which was sent to the Prairie Region Council prior to the call.  The only available dates, in June, are the same in both cities, June 27-29, 2014.  The package outlines the breakdown of potential costs for plenary space, accommodation, transportation and meals.

The Council discussed the proposal package and considerations were given to the following:

  • commitment to holding convention in Saskatchewan

  • proximity of hotels to convention sites

  • scheduling of buses (Regina) to accommodate early/late caucus meetings, meet and greet and banquet

  • logistics of buses to pick up at four hotels (Regina) and additional staff required to assist in the facilitation

  • possibility of buses running empty

  • proximity of lunch venues to convention sites

  • dietary needs of delegates, obeservers and guests if lunch is required to be served on site

  • higher observer fee to offset transportation and lunch costs (Regina)

  • no registration on Thursday (Regina) due to transportation costs and a later start on Friday (potential bottleneck at registration desks in the morning)

  • overall costs and possible discounts offered by convention sites

  • staffing required for both cities

  • modes of travel into convention city


That the 2014 Prairie Region Convention be held in Saskatoon.


The PRC voted – 11 yes, 3 no, 7 absent, 2 abstain 

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