Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes (Apr 21 2010)

Attended by: Darlene McClure, Carol Selby, Dawn MacAulay, Cathy Moar, Gloria Kelly, Deanna Kimball

Regrets: Karon Sackney, Vimbai Dune

Meeting called to order at 5:25 pm.

Introductions done

Acceptance of Agenda M/S Carol Selby / Gloria Kelly

Acceptance of Last Meeting’s Minutes M/S Dawn MacAulay /Carol Selby

Old Business:

School Supply Drive & Bomber tickets:

Deanna spoke regarding the Two Season Tickets the RWC received from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. There are 10 games. It was decided that RWC would give two games (four tickets) to the Habitat for Humanity as incentive for builders to join the HFH (Sponsored by the Winnipeg Area Council). This year there will be two builds; one in June and one in August. You must be certified before you can become a builder for Habitat for Humanity. This year you are able to get certified on-line. Each builder must raise $200.00 for Habitat for Humanity.

RWC School Supply Drive
Locals will have the opportunity to sponsor a box of school supplies. It was decided by the RWC that for each $50.00 sponsorship, a local raised, the local would receive 5 draw tickets for one of 8 games (there is a pair of tickets for each game). If a local won the two tickets, we suggested that the local put the names of their members in a hat and draw for the tickets. Each time a local sponsored a box of school supplies 5 more entries will be added. The local names will be re-entered for each game. There are many ways to raise this money such as: Bake sale, book sale, dessert social where you would bring in a dessert and also donate $5.00, cash donations from co-workers matched by donations from your Local Executive.

The Bombers have agreed to let the PSAC RWC set up at the September 24th game to collect school supplies and cash donations for school lunch programs. It was learned that the School Division finances the breakfast programs which is why we decided our monies would go to the lunch programs as they are dependent upon the parents and community.

Treasurer’s Report:

Account balance March 31, 2010 is $1846.21

RWC paid PSAC for a Dec 11, 2008 invoice for pizza which was paid by the Winnipeg RO but never paid back by the RWC. PSAC HQ brought this to the attention of the Winnipeg RO.
The RWC 2009 Financial Statement was audited by Chris Davis from the Winnipeg Human Rights Committee. Both the 2009 Financial Statement and 2010 Budget have been submitted to the Prairie REVP’s office. The RWC is awaiting the regional allocations from PSAC HQ & the Prairie Region Council; therefore the balance will change at that time.


Prairie Regional Women’s Conference:

September 10, 11 & 12, 2010 in Saskatoon
Travel will be on the 10th and return on the 12th. Mid May we will receive a call out to locals for the conference and for resolutions via email and regular mail to locals. The conference theme is “Putting Our Passion into Action”. There are three topics for the workshops: Child Care; Pensions & Women; Mobilization for Change such as networking & how do we get what we want done; more info to follow. Resolutions to be discussed at the next RWC meeting. The number of delegates will be around 70 which include Alliance Facilitators. Delegates will be fully funded by the Regional Women’s Conference Budget. It is not likely that there will be observers.

PSAC National Women’s Conference:

October 22 – 24 2010 in Ottawa; will be advised by e-mail and/or regular mail.

Pay Equity & the Public Service Equitable Compensation Act (PSECA):

The Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act (PSECA) was rammed through Parliament and adopted on March 12, 2009. It was passed as part of Bill C-10, the Budget Implementation Act: however, pay equity is a fundamental human right, and it should never have been addresses in a budget bill.

The Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act is a regressive piece of legislation that will make it more difficult to close any existing or future income gap between women and men in the federal public sector. This Act restricts the application of pay equity and it allows for pay equity to be bargained away. It compels women to file complaints alone, without the support of their union and without the protection of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
The provisions in the PSECA radically transform the law on pay equity for the federal public sector. PSAC member, 62% of whom are women, will be very hard hit by this new law.
RWC Actions around the pay equity fight back; “Women’s Rights are not negotiable Fight for Pay equity”:
-impact of the fight for Pay Equity is still confusing
-history of Pay Equity is amazing and this piece of legislation will impact the younger generation by making the onus on the members IE: Cathy will have to go to the Labour Relations NOT Human Rights Tribunal to complain
-this government has closed Status of Women offices, has ended the Court Challenges Program, has limited how funds are distributed to advocacy groups and most recently has closed most of the Human Rights Offices.

The RWC talked about how we can get the message out about the Pay Equity Campaign; perhaps holding an information session around Pay Equity.

See attached information package: “The End of Pay Equity for Women in the Federal Public Service: A Critical Analysis of the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act”

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, May 19 at 5:15pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm

Our Organization: