Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes (Feb 10 2010)


Karon Sackney USGE 50026
Carol Selby, UVAE 50044
Cathy Moar CEIU 50769
Dawn MacAulay AGR 50073
Maria Allen USGE 50026
Vimbai Dune AGR 50073

Staff – Robyn Benson -REVP
Deanna Kimball – WPG REG REP

1.) Call to Order
Called to order at 8:30 PM

2.) Introductions - Round Table

3.) Adoption of Agenda

4.) Old Business:

A) UPDATE – Toiletry Collection for Women’s Shelter – Deanna spoke to this. She also delivered the toiletries. Thanked everyone who came out to help bag. Was a great success. We will do this again next Christmas. Everyone start collecting toiletry’s from your travels.

B) UPDATE- School Supply Drive Donations Lunch Programs – There were 2 cheques given to 2 different schools. $386.45 each to Niiji Mahkiwa and William White Parent Councils. Both schools stated that they were very happy to receive this money. Without it there would be no school lunch programs. Lets try to do this again this year.

5.) Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report: Attached is the 2009 report. Balance of 3,064.09.
Robyn spoke to Audits in the Region. These are all small audits, but must be done. RWC, Human Rights, and Area Council will switch books to audit each other’s books. This is now implemented in the Prairie Region. Carols cheque registry is being used through out the Region. Next years budget has been done, and Robyn Thanks us for having it done so quickly. All audits are to be done by the end of February 2010. It was agreed that the changes be accepted. #1 cheque to state – School supplies bought and #2 cheque to state- Ticket draw.
Vimbai, Darlene and Carol need to get the new signing authority papers done at the bank. A request needs to be made at the bank to have all the statements sent to Regional Office. Everyone is in agreement with this motion.
Finance books will stay in the office at all times.

6.) New Business:

A) 2010 plans
a) School Supply Drive – Challenge to the Locals
• Earlier than last year
• Indentations – Hold a BBQ
• Planning Committee – Cathy, Karon and Maria

b) Raffle Bomber Season Tickets
• Deanna will try to get raffle tickets again
• Have them out for the middle of March
• Robyn will look after this
• Locals will get tickets to sell
• Everyone agreed with $2.00 a ticket

B) Solidarity Events:

a) Women’s Memorial March ( February 14)
• It was agreed upon to donate $100.00

b) UNIFEM Event (March 23)
• RWC will buy 2 tickets
• Robyn will buy 2 tickets
• 4 members of the RWC can attend. Please forward your names to Deanna if you wish to attend

c) Grassroots Women’s Manitoba (March 8)
• No interest

C) International Women’s Day – MFL Event (March 8)
• Pancake Breakfast
• $10.00 tickets ,Robyn would like us all should attend

D) PSAC Campaigns
• Robyn spoke to this
• Next year we should plan to do something for the International Women’s Day
• Robyn spoke to the issue of Pensions. Handout attached
• Robyn spoke to the issue “Save our Farms”

E) Conferences Regional and National
• Regional Women’s Conference is Sept 2010
• National Women’s Conference is Oct 2010
• Prairie Regional is in Regina 2011
• Resolutions- The RWC should write 2 resolutions and have the chair present them at the Regional Conference. They must be in by Sept. Resolutions would be done by a Committee.

F) 2010Budget
• The budget was the same as last year. Everyone agreed

7) Next Meeting After Easter – April 21

8) Adjournment - 6:45

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