Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes (Sept 16 2009)


Vimbai Dune, AGR 50073
Karon Sackney USGE 50026
Carol Selby, UVAE 50044
Cathy Moar CEIU 50769
Dawn MacAulay AGR 50073
Gloria Kelly UWDE 50705

Staff – Tracy Thor
Deanna Kimball

1.) Call to Order
Called to order at 5:30 PM

2.) Introductions - Round Table

3.) Adoption of Agenda

4.) Adoption of Minutes – June 17,2009

5.) Old Business:

a) School Supply Drive – Cathy Moar
The date has been changed to Oct 18, 2009. The Blue Bomber will donate 2 season tickets worth $900.00, for the inconvenience for changing our date 3 times. School supplies have been coming in. The RWC purchased a pair of tickets to be drawn for the Sept 26th game from the names of members that have donated. E-mail will go out announcing the name of person who won the tickets.

A discussion took place concerning holding a raffle for the 2 Season tickets. It was decided that a 4-6 week raffle time would work. Deanna stated that we must have a license. We asked her to check this out. We also discussed how the tickets would be distributed. A draw date will be set for just before Christmas. Tickets will be sold at $2.00 each. All tickets to be handed in by Dec 15th, 2009. A bank account must be opened for this fundraiser at the Credit Union. Cathy and Vimbai will work together and go to the bank. The second signer would be Vimbai or Dawn. Cathy agreed to be the Chairperson for this committee.

All volunteers to meet at the Arena on Oct 18th at 2:00 PM.
See you there.

b) Habitat for Humanity (update by Tracy Thor)
Angie was not present. But she sent a report. She stated that it was an awesome experience. The people that were there all stated that they would do this again. We have people interested in doing this next year.

c)Think Public Summer 2009 Campaign –Tracy Thor
There wasn’t a strong specific item. The focus was mostly on the Student Campaigns. Students are not represented by the Union. A big push is going on for students to become Union members for rights and protection.

d) Toiletry Collection for Women’s Shelter – Karon
A reminder to all members to collect toiletries when attending any functions when staying in hotels. The committee asked everyone to pass the message asking all attending members to bring down their toiletries and have a box where they can be dropped off at each morning. We will put bags together Jan 6, 2010. Delivery Jan 13, 2010.

6.) Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report
Carol reported that the account has now been moved from the CIBC to Assiniboine Credit Union.
Balance: $1148.77
+$1300.00 – from PSAC Ottawa
Less Supper $30.47 for today’s meeting

7.) New Business:
a) 2009 Fall Women’s Seminar

The Planning Committee will be lead by Karon, and it includes Gloria, Dawn and Vimbai.

Date decided on is December 6, 2009
Venue: Union Center, booked already
Deadline for registration is Nov 30
Budget: $2,200.00
Proposed topics to be presented
- Last 5 years before Retirement
- Financial Planning and Human Trafficking.
- We will be asking Sister Robyn Benson or the Area Council Women’s rep to give a keynote speech.

We need to have a commitment from the women who would be attending. The day would start at 10:00 am and finish at 3:30 PM. We will provide a lunch. The food will be ordered after the deadline so that we have an idea on how many members we are expecting. Karon will set up a meeting of the committee after the School supplies drive is completed.

b) Social Justice Fund-
Spirit of our Little Sister’s Safe Home – Alishia Bigelow
Alishia was not present. Deanna spoke for her and asked the RWC for a commitment for support throughout the year. Gloria volunteered to be the contact person.

c) Joint Committee Seasonal Celebration 2009 –
To be held Dec 10, 2009. Our part of the budget is approximately $150.00. This is based on last year’s contribution. The Human Right committee is hosting the celebration this year.

d) 3rd Annual Grandmother’s Our Children Sacred Walk
This will be held Sept 21, Monday morning. For anyone who wants to join in the walk please wear a long skirt.

8. Next meeting date – November 19, Thursday 5:15. Please attend. This is our AGM.

9. Meeting Adjourned at 7:15

Our Organization: