Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee Minutes (March 6, 2018)

WINNIPEG Regional Women’s Committee March 6th, 2018 MINUTES 5:15 pm

Call to order: 5:30 PM
Attendance: Sheilagh Hanson, Serina Pottinger, Rita Gordon, Nicole Papineau, Lorelei Topnik & Rachel d’Eschambault
Tina Matias Bouchard –PSAC representative

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Sheilagh Hanson @ 530 pm
2. Statement on Harrassment – deemed in effect (Tina coordinator) motion accepted as read
3. Approval of the Agenda (1-Lorelei 2-Serina)
4. Approval of last minutes from Dec 6th meeting (1- Lorelei 2 – Rita)
5. Treasurer’s report- presented by Lorelei : (1-Serina 2-Rachel)

$2419.32 Balance as of January 31st, 2018
Rita needs to receive signing authority to replace Nicole
-Outstanding cheque for $400 Kent Road breakfast program (Cheque #138, issued January 9th, 2018, the new cheque that was sent after we cancelled the initial cheque) – Nicole to follow up with Kent Road again
-School supply drive for Strikers -1 $90 cheque still outstanding
-We need to reimburse Marianne for Rita’s entry fee + 45 mins of lost wages (Sex trafficking workshop)
-Lorelei needs to “tweak” our books for the audit coming this week from the other committees

6. Previous and new business : The budget
Plan a proposed budget for next year:
Sheilagh to complete template for budget with the following information:
Meeting expenses (10 mtgs/year @ $80/mtg) = $800.00
• Manitoba Labour Christmas tree = $200
• Kent Road School Breakfast program = $200
• St James Collegiate + George Waters Middle School Breakfast program = $400
• Centre Flavie Laurent Center (lost provincial funding)– underwear campaign =$400
• North Point Douglas Women’s Resource Centre (lost provincial funding) =$400
• Nova House feminine hygiene campaign = $400

Event/Project expenses:
• National Day of Mourning Brunch: 3 x $30 = $90
• LWOP for phoning and event planning (such as Childcare coalition) – 2x$250 = $500
• MFL Women’s Conference (June?) 5x$450 = $2250 (may not be needed as Conference may not be happening in 2018)
• Memberships for Women’s issues and miscellaneous funding for events - $300
• Fearless Women Seminar May 5th, 2018 - $50pp x 6 = $300
• She Day January 2019 - $50pp x 6 = $300
• Sisters in Spirit – Honorarium + refreshments = $250
• 16 days of Activism children’s contest/awareness campaign (prizes for kids)=$100

**DEFERRED to 2019 (due to potential renovations):
Self-Defense training for women ($600)
Workshop on Domestic violence ($500)
NATIONAL CHILD CARE CAMPAIGN has a fund created that we may be able to access at a later date. We will partner with the Young Worker’s committee for updates and participation

7. Next meeting dates:
April 3rd, 2018
(May 8st, June 5th. September 4th. October 2nd. Nov 6th. Dec 4th. )

8. Roundtable:
Rita: Spoke of her report she handed out regarding Child Sex Tourism and Trafficking conference she attended. (ECPAT)
Tina: Wished to see who was attending the MFL breakfast this week for a photo op (Rita, Sheilagh and Serina).
Also, wishes to see if there is any interest for the March 22nd “Knowing Women’s rights in the workplace”. Rita is available and interested. Tina to purchase tickets. A vote took place; All in favour of using funds to cover Rita’s fee for attendance. (Looking forward to hearing about it)

9. Adjournment: 6:35 pm

Our Organization: