Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee Minutes (May 8, 2018)

WINNIPEG Regional Women’s Committee, PSAC – 175 Hargrave Street May 8th, 2018 MINUTES 5:15 pm

Call to order: 5:20 PM

Attendance: Sheilagh Hanson, Lorelei Topnik, Rita Gordon, Jennifer Chieh Ho & Rachel d’Eschambault

Tina Matias-Bouchard PSAC rep

  1. Call to Order: 5:20 p.m.
  2. Statement on Harassment: Read – adopted unanimously and accepted as “in effect”
  3. Approval of the Agenda: 1(Lorelei), 2(Rachel)
  4. Review and approval of minutes from April 4th, 2018 meeting: 1(Rachel), 2(Jennifer)
  5. Treasurer’s report: Lorelei
  • Last statement, dated April 30th, 2018 shows an end balance of $1893.46. There are no outstanding cheques.
  • Written today: $25 to Tina for Rita’s “International Women’s Day event” + cheque to Lorelei for todays’ supper of $64.19
  • Still awaiting approval on budget
  • No reimbursement received from Marianne yet re: sex trafficking workshop

 6. Previous Business: 

Upcoming events and training:

 i. Celebrating Women Gala – July 4th (included in our Budget Request). Sheilagh to send an email to Monica for interest and to Marianne for $. Rita to make poster

 ii. Women’s Council Currents– If you attend, please prepare a report. (see attached provided at meeting)

Sheilagh confirmed that they stated they no longer need it and it will not be cashed

 iii. CRRF (Canada’s Race Relation Foundation) (see attached, provided at meeting)

Now deposited into Rita’s account. We need an invoice from Marianne in order to submit a cheque. Sheilagh will contact her

 iv. Gratitude Gala (see attached, provided at meeting)

 v. ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals) – (see attached, provided at meeting)

 vi. ICOVAW (international conference on violence against women)- (see attached, provided at meeting)

 vii. Women’s March – they are looking for chapters in each city for allies and to from a group. There is no chapter in Winnipeg currently. They have teleconferences every Monday.

 viii. Vigil for stolen sisters – October 4th

 ix. Vigil (Day of Mourning) – Dec 6th – MFL does the breakfast

 x. Sheilagh to email Bernadette Smith re: how we can help her host the event for Missing and Murdered Women in July

 xi. Self-Defence: 6 week course – still deferred

 xii. We need to re-think prizes/promotion for kids for 16 days of action

 xiii. Looking for ideas for profit raising (schools, shelters), such as Zumba or bowl-a-thon?

Start planning in September

 7. New business

 i. National PSAC report (on their website) – powerful

Elections are completed – new president is Chris Alward

Some of the resolutions passed:

Funding tri-annual went through - $0.49 monthly increase in dues

Area Council budget doubled

Electronic voting passed in addition to town halls

Aboriginal awareness training passed + webinars

REVP no longer has to move to another city (with approval)

…..Sheilagh to get a list of resolutions that passed (however PSAC website should be updated shortly)

 ii. Elections in June for treasurer (as Lorelei is retiring)

 iii. June 5th –renovations – Moved to June 13th and September 4th. No meetings July & August

 8. Round table:


  • PSAC now on Skype rather than land lines. Please bear with us during growing pains. Monica will be communicating meeting notices, etc with locals. These lists do not include committee distribution lists to specific individuals. Committee Secretaries are responsible to contact their committee members.
  • June 8th – ICOVAW – Reminder – tickets $0

Loreilei: It’s my last day. (we’re all sad)


  • Idea: Solidarity lunch – 4 committees to do presentations? Share costs? Invite RVPs and local Winnipeg Union presidents?
  • Contact your MP to request a coin in honour of the 1919 strike


  • June 3 is Pride Parade. We have a float and will be participating. Further communication to happen through email.
  • Idea on more members coming to RWC meetings: We could create diversity of meetings by having speakers, events or presentations. It may welcome more members to come to the meetings. There was also an idea to knit “pussy” hats to give to members at rally’s etc. People could volunteer to make.
  • Question : Do we have a data base of those who identify as women in Manitoba? How do we get access to something like that? 

 9. Next meeting date changed to June 13th, 2018

 10. Adjournment - 7:00 p.m.

We said goodbye to Loreli as she is retiring and now leaving the committee, meaning a new position will be opening up for treasurer for the women’s committee.

supper provided

Our Organization: