Canadian Health Coalition - #IVoteForPublicHealthCare Joint Action on October 3, 2019

Please see below for an online action by our friends at the Canadian Health Coalition!

Take part in this important joint action next Thursday

When: Thursday October 3, 2019 starting at 11 am ET - 12:30 pm NDT, 12 pm ADT, 10 am CDT, 9 am MDT, 8 am PDT


How to participate:


1. Print these templates or re-create them on paper or a whiteboard.


2. Finish the sentences: “I vote for public health care because” and/or “I vote for pharmacare because”.


3. Take a selfie with your sign.


4. On October 3, starting at 11 am ET, post it on Twitter with the hashtag #IVoteForPublicHealthCare in order to draw attention to our important issues and trend nationally.


5. Encourage your network, members, friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

Alternatively, on October 3, starting at 11 am ET, you can post a picture of your sign only with the hashtag #IVoteForPublicHealthCare, or only tweet the filled in sentence with the hashtag #IVoteForPublicHealthCare.


We are using one hashtag despite having two options for signs because the goal of the rally is to trend nationally, and this is based on the number of times a hashtag is tweeted. You are welcome to add extra hashtags such as #cdnpoli #elxn43 or to add #IVoteForPharmacare


If you are not on Twitter, email your selfie(s) and we will tweet it/them from the @healthcoalition account.


We also encourage everyone to post their selfies on Facebook, on Instagram and other social networks.


Last federal election, we posted collectively 2,842 tweets during the Twitter rally (5 per minutes for 8 hours) and had our hashtag trend nationally.  


Consult our federal election resources here.