Winnipeg Area Council - Meeting Minutes - September 16, 2019

September 16th, 2019 AT 5:30PM

Jennifer Chieh-Ho               Christine Dmyterko
Nestor Galarnyk                 Sheilagh Hansen
Yvonne Hein                       Frank Janz
Faye Kingyens                    Gus Mardli
Brett Rainboth                    Natalie Richard
Tracy Thor – PSAC Staff


  1. Meeting was called to order at 5:32pm by Sr. Sheilagh

  2. Round table introductions made by all in attendance

  3. Adoption of the Agenda
    Adopt the agenda by Br. Gus Mardli, seconded by Sr. Jennifer Chieh-Ho

  4. PSAC Statement of Harassment deemed in affect

  5. Approval of June 4th, 2019 minutes
    Minutes not available but will be mailed out for approval by Br. Brett Rainboth

  6. Treasurer report
    $600 cheque for Santa Clause Parade was issued
    Total Balance is $1864.68

  7. Bargaining Update from Br. Nestor Galarnyk
    Br. Nestor passed out speaking notes from 2019-09-12
    Some movement on Phoenix compensation but no specifics known
    Notes to be distributed

  8. A) Federal Election
    PRC adopted plan for Federal election
    Campaign target ridings identified (Winnipeg Ridings; Winnipeg Centre, Elmwood-Transcona are “A” ridings. Kildonan-St. Paul, Winnipeg South, Winnipeg South Central, St. Boniface-St. Vital, and Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley are a “B” ridings)
    Dan Blaikey has agreed to attend all candidates forum to be moderated by Sr. Marianne Hladun. October 1st 7pm at Club Regent. A mass email will be sent to members in the riding
    8750 mail outs to be sent out to PSAC members, need volunteers for September 23rd & 24th to fill/seal envelopes.
    Volunteers will be needed for phone banks date TBD
    PSAC election page is up
    Plan to have a telephone town hall in Early October
    Sr. Natalie suggested mass text messages as an easier way to get in contact with young workers

B) Political Action/Lobbying
Phone bank training to come out
PSAC Prairie Voting page is up
Plan to contact other locals and get members volunteering

C) Conference Delegate Election
Delegate election will not be held until after PRC election

D) Vote on Resolutions to be presented at (See resolutions in full attached)
Resolution 1: “Diversity Mentorship” presented & moved by Sr. Jennifer, seconded by Br. Frank. Carried unanimously
Resolution 2: “Support for intox, detox, rehabilitation and supervised consumption services for people in Canada” presented & moved by Sr. Jennifer, seconded by Sr. Natalie. Carried unanimously
Resolution 3: “Increase EI provisions for parental leave” presented & moved by Sr. Jennifer, seconded by Br. Nestor. Voted in favour unanimously

E) Seasonal Celebration  
Sr. Marianne would like 1 committee to take the lead
Sr. Jennifer said Human Rights committee has $200 for celebration
December 10th 2019 selected as possible date

Film list is out, WAC to take the lead on selection and planning

G) Wreath Laying
Br. Frank Janz will take the lead on buying/laying
Budget is $150

H) Summary of current working condition at Canadian Museum for Human Rights from Sr. Natalie
Study time for employees being cut
Lack of training for new and current employees
Lots of temporary workers being used
No support from management for employees who are harassed by public and other workers

  1. Next meeting to be held October 23rd, 2019

  2. Move by Br. Brett, seconded by Br. Frank


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