Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee - Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2019

Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee Minutes (March 20, 2019)
WINNIPEG Regional Women’s Committee, PSAC – 175 Hargrave Street March 20, 201 MINUTES 5:15 pm

Regrets: Leanna Yum-Gibbon, Jenna MacKenzie

Call to order: 5:53 PM

Attendance: Sheilagh Hanson, Shelley Henn, Faye Kingyens, Rita Gordon
Tracy Thor PSAC rep

1. Call to Order: 5:53 p.m.
2. Round Table Introductions
3. Statement on Harassment:
Read by Sister Rita
4. Approval of the Agenda: Approved by consensus
5. Review and approval of minutes from January 9, 2018, AGM meeting: Adopted by consensus
6. Chairs report - attached
7. Treasurer’s report:
Sister Faye gave a shorted Treasurers report as there have been no action on the account since our meeting in October. Last check was for dinner in October. Report adopted by consensus
8. Executive elections: Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer

Chair – Sheilagh Hanson – Moved – Faye, 2nd Rita – Elected by acclamation
Co-chair- Rita Gordon – Moved – Sheilagh, 2nd Faye – Elected by acclamation
Treasurer – Faye Kingyens – Moved – Sheilagh, 2nd Rita – Elected by acclamation
Secretary – Shelley Henn – Moved – Sheilagh, 2nd Faye – Elected by acclamation

9. Previous business
2019 Budget – Draft sent around the room and approved by consensus
10. New Business
-Direction of Womens committee in 2019. More political action, less donations without contact. Need to start writing resolutions, as we start getting into conference and convention season.
-Prairie School for Union Women Judy Shannon scholarship open for applications. Closing on April 15/19, this scholarship is wonderful and the school is an amazing experience.
-The United Way Labour Committee and program offers volunteer opportunities for members to take part in various committees at the United Way. Communication forms were passed around the room for people to sign up for news on various events.
11. New meeting date Rita will supply us with her days off coming up in April.
12. Adjournment at 7:30

Chairs Report

Good Evening

2018 was a challenging year for the RWC. We have had such a difficult time getting good dates for meetings, our committee has almost folded. We can’t and won’t let that happen.

Since joining the MFL Women’s committee, I have had the chance to see what good an active women’s committee can do. They don’t have many more members than we do in this room right now; everyone is struggling for activists. But they are well known among the MFL affiliates. That should be our eventual goal, that our committee and events are so respected among the PSAC that we get great attendance at our events. I need everyone here today to go back to their workplaces and talk about this committee.

I have learned a lot about women in the labour movement this past year. I’ve learned we have to stick together and support each other. Though our committee is small, we are a small group of women who don’t mind working hard to get things done, in all aspects of our lives. I am proud to know all of you.

Lets make 2019 a good year for union women, by working for all women.

Sheilagh Hanson

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