Webinar #8: PSAC 101 - An Introduction to Your Union

Ths introductory webinar will answer the most frequently asked questions about what it means to be a member of the PSAC.  

Curious about dues? Benefits of joining? Decision making? Where you fit? How to get help?

This webinar is for you! Everyone is welcome.

Topics include:

  • Members Make Our Union Strong
  • The Union Advantage
  • PSAC Structure
  • What Your Union Does for You
  • Advantages of Being a Full Member
  • The Union Membership Card
  • Union Dues (including how to calculate them)
  • Problems In The Workplace (Where we provide options to solve them)
  • Where Do I Go (in case you can't get them solved)?
  • Education
  • Additional Benefits of being a union member (Coughlin, Union Savings, BMO, etc.)
  • Communicating and Staying in Touch With the PSAC

You can view the recording of PSAC 101: An Introduction to Your Union here.

Review a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here