​Calgary Area Council Representative, Alec Goertzen (February 2020)

Alec Goertzen
Calgary Area Council Rep 
Prairie Region Council February 2020

Well Brothers and Sisters… this is my last reporting for the term therefore this report is submitted for the period of Report November/2019 to February/2020


  • participated Area Council meeting November 20. Re-elected as rep to PRC
  • Attended rally outside UCP AGM held at Westin Hotel, Calgary airport. The rally was to protest UCPs October budget cuts to education/teachers, healthcare/nurses/doctors, changes to provincial pensions, and any other area they could think ok. With it being -25C there was a great attendance of near 1000 people with special speakers, chanting and circling all outside the hotel. A great display of solidarity among unions, affiliates, and strong advocates.


  • Attended AFL Education Committee by tele-conference

Respectfully submitted,
Brother Alec Goertzen
Calgary Area Council
PRC Member