Young Workers Representative, Glenn Hollyoake (February 2020)

Glenn Hollyoake
Young Workers Rep
Prairie Region Council February 2020

The Winnipeg YWC continues to be inactive. Multiple attempts to restart the Winnipeg YWC have been unsuccessful. 

The Edmonton YWC is currently inactive. Elections were held on January 15th and there was no interest from the outgoing in Executive in continuing. Many of the former members are involved in Edmonton AC as well as a component Young Worker Committee.

I have received a number of Young Worker contacts from Diane in the Calgary RO. I have spoken to a couple and hope to be holding a meeting there soon.

A meeting to establish a Regina YWC will be held once a date is settled on.

In addition to working with the YWCs in the Prairies region, I’ve been meeting with my national counterparts both formally on the monthly working group call and informally. On PRC I have been assigned to the Communications Committee. We have not had a meeting since the last PRC meeting in November.