Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2020

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – May 27, 2020



Alec Goertzen, President CIU 30036                         Lindsey Sparks PSAC Regional Representative

Dale Marianicz, Vice-President  AG 30046

Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary  UTE 30024

Jenn Jurca Treasurer  UCTE 30318

Diana Walker UNE 30186

Jessica Hill  UNE 30186


Br Goertzen called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.


Br Goertzen presented the Agenda

Attendees update on their work situations

Br. Marianicz is out in the field working as food inspection is an essential service

Br. Goertzen is primarily working from home doing desk audits as a trade officer for CBSA, but he has gone into the office a few times as well

Sr. Jurca is working from home but advises some UCTE members are working on site

Sr. Walker is working at home, out of the office but advises Passport essential service workers are working on site at the Harry Hays Building.  There are concerns for term employees

Sr. Hall is working from home but expects to be on site soon.   She has been to the office to pick up equipment to be able to work from home. PTE equipment is required before she can work on site.

Sr. Kosteniuk is at home, not working as her position is not considered essential.  She volunteered and answered CERB telephone inquiries.   She’s waiting to hear about a return to work date.

February 18, 2020 Minutes

Sr. Kosteniuk advised that the minutes from the February 18, 2020 AGM were sent out in mid March for review/approval by attendees.  Due to some equipment issues she was experiencing at the time there was delay, however she will re-send to the February attendees for review and approval


Treasurer’s Report

Sr. Jurca advised she has been reviewing the monthly bank statements as they come in.  Calgary Area Council’s bank balance as of March 31 is currently $706.12


Annual Committee Reporting Packages

Br. Goertzen advises that the Calgary Area Council reporting package was submitted to the REVP’s office was sent on time.  Br. Goertzen noted that our 2020 budget request has been affected as we were unable to carry out some events we had planned because of the quarantine.

The REVP has advised if Committees and Councils have money in the bank, we will need approval to spend it.   After that, anything a Committee or Council wishes to do that needs funding, a business case and request for funds will have to made to the REVP and she will treat all of them on a case by case basis.


New Business:

National Day of Morning April 28. 

The CDLC (Calgary District Labour Council) holds a ceremony every year and our Council participates.  This year it was held online through Zoom and streamed on Facebook.  Br. Goertzen attended and said it was very well done.  Speakers were Rachel Notley, Mayor Nenshi and Gil McGowan of the Alberta Federation of Labour.  195 names were read out and then for 10 days these names were posted, 19 to 20 of them each day.  There was good online attendance for the event.  Following April 28 at City Hall, where the event is usually held, accepted wreaths and floral arrangements for display.


Convention 2020 (June)

All regional conventions have been cancelled.  The 2021 National Triennial Convention has been postponed.  Regionals may be held in 2021 with the National moving to 2022.


Labour Day BBQ (September)

Every year the CDLC (Calgary District Labour Council) and Unions hold a barbecue at Olympic Plaza.  Area Council always contributes condiments and cheese plus has a tent where we serve cake or treats to the public and educate them about our union and what issues matter to us.  Br. Goertzen advises it has not officially been cancelled but if the province doesn’t lift restrictions for gatherings, it will have to be cancelled.


Summer Events-Membership Engagement

Br. Goertzen advises that this year our National President Chris Aylward had advised PSAC would not be boycotting National Public Service Week (NPSW).  Area Council had planned to do an event coinciding with National Public Service Week where we would visit locals and present them with a cake with slogan such as “Area Council supports you and your bargaining teams” or something similar to recognize members.   We were unable to do so because of the pandemic.


Br. Goertzen canvassed the attendees for ideas we could carry out over the summer to engage members.  One of the ideas was that we could “ninja” a member who is on the frontline, presenting them with a basket of treats to recognize all they are doing.   It may mean that Br. Goertzen works with the Regional Office to contact local presidents about what workers are on the job site.  Regional rep Lindsey Sparks thinks that may not be workable, because while local presidents may know the sites being staffed through the pandemic, they may not have access to information telling them which members are on site.  It was discussed we could maybe then ninja a site instead.  Br.Goertzen will talk further about this with Lindsey.  All attendees were in favour of this idea.

Another idea is that Area Council promotes the PSAC letter about returning to the bargaining table.  The “we are here through the pandemic, you should be here for us too” asks Minister Duclose (and your MLA) to do the right thing and return to the bargaining table.  All you have to do is enter your name, postal code and a couple other details and it automatically.  We could do both an email to the locals and an online campaign.  


Round Table

There were no matters brought forward by the attendees to discuss round table.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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