AGM – Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – June 22, 2020

AGM – Calgary Regional Women’s Committee – 22 June 2020
Called to order at 5:02 pm
Members Present
Deb Kosteniuk UTE 30024 - President
Jenn Jurca UCTE 30318 - Secretary
Tabassom Javadi Doudarani UTE 30040 - Treasurer
Hazel Buchanan USJE 70125
Jessica Hill PCA 30186 
Andrea McGraw Alcock PCA 30186   
Kirsten Sage PCA 30186   
Dolly Ablitt – PSAC representative
Marianne Hladun – Regional Executive Vice President – Prairie and Northern Region
Regrets: Kirsten Strachey
Previously sent out a financial report and budget in an email this afternoon. 
Old Business
- IWD – We partner with the Women’s Centre. This year we did something different; had a brunch on Saturday instead of the normal potluck supper on a weeknight. It was well received and had a lot of women in attendance. Kirsten Strachey spoke as the AFL Childcare Rep. The Women’s Centre made chilli and April Albrecht made salsa and chips. This year we also did things differently at our table, giving the wheel a break, and doing a raffle instead. Jenn wished that we had started drawing for prizes earlier. Hazel said that prizes were well received and there was a good amount of food. RWC ensured that there were meat, cheese, vegetable and fruit trays. We got a discount through UFCW; however these receipts have not been submitted yet. We still have expenses outstanding. 
- Bear Witness Day – May 10 Last year we had a table and 2 cakes and a table set up with Teddy Bears having a tea party and then encouraged people to get their pictures taken with the bears and post them to Twitter. This year, unfortunately, we didn’t go through with our planned activity as Harry Hayes was shut down. 
Financial discussion
- Reviewed and discussed 2019 Financial Statement. 
- Opening balance on Jan 1, 2019 of $3006.62, and closing balance of $108.06 on December 31, 2019.
- We budgeted for:
o Donation to Awo Ta’an. $1000, for Sisters in Spirit 
o IWD expenses. $625.85, for gift basks and fruit and $300, for gift cards
o 2018 outstanding donation to Awo Ta’an. $757.50, 750 plus NSF fee of 7.50. (We had to redo this chq and reissue in 2019 because original 2018 cheque was dishonoured by the bank)
- Generally, we receive an allocation every year; however last year there were some questions from PRC and Marianne. As a result of some associated delays, we didn’t receive the 2019 allocation of $1700 until 2020. 
- Budget Request for 2020. We need to have 4 meetings per year and planned $240 for meeting food, $150 for parking, Donation of $1000 to Awo Ta’an, $1000 for IWD, $225 Bear Witness Day, plus lost salary, $200 for Sisters in Spirit vigil, and $125 for National Day of Remembrance. (We had spoken to Area Council about partnering for this so they could run the Moose Hide campaign alongside.) 
- We have additional funds for other events though, if we want to do anything else. 
- When the budget was developed, it was left general so that if the new Executive wants to do new things, they can. 
- Amended financial approval process for Committees right now: Even if there is money in the account, you still need to do a business case to get approval to spend any money. If you don’t have money in your account, you need to do a business case, get approval from Marianne, and then they will send you some money for you to do it. 
Marianne spoke about the changes this year and the understanding that planned events can’t happen as they were originally planned. They are currently reviewing committee packages to ensure that 2019 receipts and documents are good, but aren’t approving any new budgets as most were designed before Covid. Any planned Union sponsored events must still respect the appropriate health guidelines or we are liable. 
To get funds, you need to have a meeting, describe what you want to do, and indicate if you have the money in the bank or if you require additional funds. 
The requirement to have 4 meetings a year has not been waived, we just have to do things differently, and committees have to stay in good standing in 2020 to be eligible to have a convention seat for 2021.
Looking at April bank statement and it was $789.29. We don’t have May yet, but only charge should be the $1.95 bank fee. Tom has been off on vacation. * Note* the May statement was received on 2020-06-24. The only charge was the bank fee, as stated, and the balance showed $787.31 on May 29, 2020.
**Note we still owe Dolly a refund as she paid for the meal at the last meeting. We had deposited our cheque, but didn’t have access to the funds yet
This is our 3rd meeting of the year. We normally go dark over the summer, but we usually have a meeting in September, so we are well on track. 
New Business 
Dolly discussed election protocol as we have 3 members from 1 local, so the need to establish 1 vote for that local. Jessica was nominated as the voting member. 
Chair – Deb spoke about Chair-person-ship of the Committee. The hard work as well as the joys and opportunities associated with it. It will lead you to become more involved in the Union. Hazel thanked Deb for her years of service. Marianne also thanked Deb for her work with the RWC and the work with Awo Ta’an and the Calgary Women’s Centre etc, to connect with women who don’t have a connection otherwise. 
Deb nominated Jenn as the Chair, Tabassom seconded, Jenn accepted the nomination and was acclaimed as the Chair.
Secretary – you take the minutes, circulate them to the meeting attendees, then send them to Dolly for review and posting. They are then posted in draft status until the next meeting when they are voted on. Deb nominated Hazel Buchanan, Jenn seconded. Hazel accepted the nomination and was acclaimed as the Secretary.
Treasurer – you keep track of the books, and develop a report at end of year. You help to develop a budget for the planned activities of the committee. We have templates for everything. You would have help from Dolly or Finance Committee members if you need help with anything. It’s mostly about keeping records and issuing cheques. No one volunteered or was nominated to fill this position. There are a few people who didn’t join tonight who might be interested in helping us. 
Thank you to Jenn and Hazel for stepping up. Jenn to reach out to Cindy Wong and Eileen Abrahim to gauge their interest in the Treasurer position
Oaths of Office
Marianne performed the Oaths of Office for Jenn and Hazel. 
Round Table: 
Deb – Congrats to new ladies, looking forward to attending a few meetings
Tabassom – Congrats Jenn and Hazel. Deb, we will miss you. Thank you Marianne, and all of the ladies who attended. 
Hazel – Thanks again for Deb and Tabassom for their hard work. Looking forward to being a part of the committee again and hoping to do some amazing things. 
Jessica – Nice to meet you all. Looking forward to connecting going forward. 
Andrea – nothing to add. 
Kirsten – nothing to add.
Dolly – Is looking forward to face to face meetings again. This has been fatiguing without the human contact! Let’s get back to changing the world! She is impressed and inspired by the youth who took used Tik Tok to take out Trump. 
Marianne – Thank you Deb and Tabassom for all of your hard work, and guidance steering the committee. Appreciates the safe space to come to be supported. Trying to mitigate job losses at Separate Employers, or get Employees back to work in safe work places, or tackle childcare as people go back to work but don’t have access to summer camps etc. There is a lot of work to be done right now and we have a place as a Women’s Committee to take some action and call things out. If there are things in Calgary that we want to address, then let’s go. Our Premier is affecting our lives and we can raise awareness of issues and support, or call out things that need to be called out. There is a Committee call coming up on Wednesday July 8 in the evening. 
Deb – Thanks to everyone for attending, and a huge thank you to Tabassom for all of her hard work. Jenn, best wishes as chair. Looking forward to attending. Dolly is a wealth of information. 
Deb and Jenn to exchange the key for the cabinet on Wednesday when they see each other. 
Adjourned at 6:29 pm. 
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