Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Approved Meeting Minutes September 28, 2020

Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Approved Meeting Minutes. September 28, 2020
In Attendance:
Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024 
Diana Walker
Jennifer Jurca, UCTE 30318 (recorder)
Hazel Buchanan, USJE
Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Regional Representative
Kirsten Stachey UTE30024
Sherry Hunt RWC Lethbridge
The Meeting was called to order at 6:10 p.m.
1. Agenda: Reviewed and accepted with change to move Shannon to top of new business.
2. Minutes: Copy of Minutes previous meeting, June 22, 2020. Hazel moves to approve the minutes. Deb seconds. All in favour. 
3. Financial Report: Actively searching for a Treasure, so no report to add. Jennifer advised August 31, 2020 Bank Balance $773.51
4. Old Business:
a) Vacant Treasurer position.  Kiersten advised that she could do it, but she is not local.  This means she will not be able to take care of all the responsibilities so will only offer help if no one local can. Team will actively search for a volunteers.
b) Outstanding refunds. There are several receipts that are awaiting cheques to be issued.  Jen will look for the details of outstanding reimbursements. Jen $30.50 for food at a meeting, Kirsten $132 for Bear Witness 2019.   Dolly will find her NSF fee amount.  Deb has Kirsten receipts and IWD refund.  Jen, Dolly and Deb can meet and take care of the outstanding amounts at the local office.
5. New Business:
a) Sherry Hunt – Lethbridge RWC Digital Events update.  Chair of Lethbridge RWC provided update on what has been working and what struggles they are challenged with.
- Colouring Contest – Who is your everyday hero.  (Jen suggested the Calgary team piggy back off this idea – Christmas cards or Valentines cards possibly send to seniors.  Dolly suggested that we find a care home – seek out isolated seniors with no family.  The care home will send a list of needs for seniors that we can donate to along with the art and card.  Deb advised of the Secret Service Santa registration that is an organization that provides a list of seniors, their needs and provide a box that can be filled and delivered)
- Dec 6 Annual Brunch cannot happen due to Covid.  This year they are selling calendars made with the art from the colouring contest in support of YWCA instead of the Brunch.
- Community has 800 volunteers normally serve meals at the soup kitchen.  As most are elderly and cannot volunteer due to risk of exposure to Covid.  The group has committed to 1 day a month volunteer to serve meals.  
b) Orange Shirt Day Sept 30 – Reminder to wear Orange that day honouring survivors of Residential schools.   Deb asked if folks to take a picture wearing an orange shirt and folks can post on the RWC Facebook page.  Dolly advised the Phyllis Webstad, Residential School Survivor, does online sessions which costs $500 goes to Orange Shirt Day organization.  RWC could do a virtual teaching.  Lethbridge RWC has funds available to pay for the Zoom session with Phyllis and invite all RWC members.  Jen thought another idea would be to have a full day event with several speakers. Diana suggested that we should be able to get local speakers for our Union membership and thoughtfully plan in advance and do something really unique and meaningful.  Virtual sharing centre, with breakout rooms with strong women sharing there experiences in male dominated professions (firefighting, aircraft mechanic, boarder agents, etc).  Suggested Spring 2021 timeframe in conjunction with IWD.  Jen will look into this.
c) Sister in Spirit Walk – Deb advised that the March and will go ahead (with Covid protocols) along with online activities. Historically, we have provided funding for lunch bags but due to the timing, we will not be able to provide funding.  The RWC will reach out and help with other events organized by Awa Tan Healing lodge.  Deb suggested RWC does a clothing drive and reach out to all components.  Hazel will take the lead on this.
d) Women’s Centre Toy Room – PSAC has a very strict policy about no in person events.  RWC will step aside this year from the Toy Drive and focus on the Senior Secret Santa.
e) December 6th Event – Deb suggested that we each commit to 16 days of activism.  Deb will spearhead this.
f) Brainstorming – Jen reminded us about the idea raised at AGM that childcare was a topic of interest and in light of the Throne Speech, RWC should focus on this.  Sherry explained that the funding sent to Alberta Government would end November.  We will include it as part of the activism items for Dec 6 Event.  Further discussions will be needed for a larger event.  Kirsten on AFL Childcare committee and offered any help she can provide.
g) Roundtable – Diana – self-care is important as burn out is evident with Covid, especially for women.  Focus on our own Wellness.  Sherry – RWC are strong focus on Violence against Women and Childcare but fall behind on Pay Equity.  Sherry challenged the RWC to organise something we can do in April with a focus on pay equity.
Next meeting November 16, 2020 at 6pm virtually meeting
Adjourned at 7:48
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