Alec Goertzen, President CIU 30036

Dale Marianicz, Vice-President AG 30046

Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary UTE 30024

Jenn Jurca Treasurer UCTE 30318

Marilyn King   UCTE 30318




Lindsey Sparks PSAC Regional Representative


6:01 Br Goertzen called the meeting to order


Treasurer’s Report

As of August 31, 2020 we have $541.45  in our bank account


Old Business:


Union Ninjas

Area Council wanted to do something to recognize the many PSAC members that have been working on the frontline during the Pandemic.  It was decided we would “ninja” locals with gift boxes in June – a callout to local presidents was done and three locals were identified.  Br Goertzen and Sr Jurca shopped for the items to make up the ninja boxes for the local.  A couple nights before the ninja visits,  Alec Goertzen, Jenn Jurca, Diana Walker and Deb Kosteniuk met at Deb’s home to  put together the Union Ninja packages for 3 offices that we surprised and rewarded for being on the front lines. 


Labour Day:

No Labour Day BBQ this year; a Food Bank Drive was done at the CDLC offices.

Approximately $2000 worth of food donations and $12,000 in cash donations were received from Calgary area Union locals.   This was a great success.


New Business:


PRC – Nothing to report – no PRC meeting since February and any phone or online meetings have been informal.  PRC broke for summer in June.   Some contracts were tentatively settled and are now are in ratification votes.


PSAC Regional Offices remain closed with no clear indication of their reopening date.  For more information on that situation, please contact your PSAC Regional Office.


Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF)  - CAC will promote it – it’s online this year.  


Next meeting will be held tentatively in November.


Round Table:


Dale  - talking with one of his local presidents Ag Union who watched a news program with Tucker Carlson of Fox News that featured a Chinese scientist that discussed the virus origins;


Alec - Should an election be called, CAC will receive directives on political action related to the election and we would hold a meeting to discuss same. 


Meeting adjourned at 6:47 pm.



Our Organization: