Alec Goertzen, President (from CIU 30036)
Dale Marianicz, Vice-President (from AG 30046)
Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary (from UTE 30024)
Jenn Jurca Treasurer (from UCTE 30318)
Guest - Lindsey Sparks PSAC Regional Representative
6:06 Br Goertzen called the meeting to order.  Br Goertzen has no formal agenda for tonight’s meeting 
Treasurer’s Report
As of October  31, 2020 we have $528.45 in our bank account  
The REVP office has officially sent out the allocation letters and CAC is currently deemed in ‘good standing’.  Although our budget request for 2020 year was approved in full, funding was not being dispersed this year due to COVID restrictions for activities.  We can/do request additional funding from the REVP to help cover cost for a planned event, or donation amount.  
Old Business - none
New Business:
All Committee Call update
The Regional All Committees call with the REVP, staff and committee executive members was held November 30, 2020 and minutes of the call have been sent to committees. Some hightlites noted are 
• the Regional Triennials will all be held virtually in 2021.  
• Committees can/will be setup for auto deposit with bank of allocations
• PSAC Regional Offices will not be open potentially until June 2021.  
• REVP sent out a flyer on info coordinated with the CLC/AFL to all Alberta members about the UCP’s attacks on workers re Bills 32 and 47, that will affect family, friends, and neighbors. The flyer is forthright in the communication and we need to let our members know this info leading up to the next provincial election.
PRC Update from CAC Rep
Last PRC call was in October and it was informal, like a few that have happened after March.  However, the PRC is meeting virtually by Zoom on Dec 8 & 9.
Br Goertzen gave update on Treasury Board bargaining.  Many collective agreements were signed over the summer and Treasury Board  has put out a schedule for payments. PSAC Phoenix payments don’t look they will be made until March, possibly later.   Many of the contracts negotiated with Treasury Board will expire again in 2021, so the PSAC preparing for the next bargaining conference will be held virtually from April 26 to April 30, 2021.  Bargaining demands will soon be offered to submit through the PSAC portal directly by members till end of January/2021.  PSAC will send them to the component to review and prioritize.  No date has been set yet for the NJC demands related to our benefits/healthcare plan.  
Prairies Survey
PSAC Prairies is surveying our members on a wide range of topics – please visit the Prairie Region website to take the survey which will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes. 
Remembrance Day 
Br. Goertzen advised we had $100 in our budget for a wreath for Remembrance Day but Covid changed the way things were done for 2020 Remembrance Day ceremonies and we were unable to proceed as planned.  Br. Goertzen asked to consider that we make a donation to the Veteran’s Food Bank.  A discussion of how much we’d like to donate and to what charity was held.  We would also consider how we could offer some other type of assistance/involvement so the Council is a presence.   However it was noted that health and safety concerns may mean some form of personal involvement by the Council could be restricted or hugely limited.   
A $500 donation to the Veteran’s Food Bank was unanimously approved by the executive.  Br. Goertzen will make a request to the REVP.
Regional office update
Lindsey Sparks, PSAC Regional Representative, advised a method for retired and former PSAC members to apply for the PSAC Phoenix amount has now been developed.  The Winnipeg Human Rights Committee is holding an event on December 10, 2020 for National Human Rights Day – lots of presenters and speakers and it will be very interactive.  December 16, 2020 there will be a mental health webinar.  Both of these sound interesting and we encourage all members to sign up for them. 
Round Table:
Br. Marianicz has nothing
Sr Kosteniuk has nothing 
Sr Jurca advised she has provided Br Goertzen with the next RWC meeting date so that it’s not in conflict with the Area Council meeting.
Br. Goertzen proposed we tentatively set February 9 or 10, 2021 as our next meeting date.  Tuesday February 9, 2021 was agreed to by all. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm
Our Organization: