Lethbridge and District Area Council Annual General Meeting Minutes - May 26, 2020 @ 6pm Via Zoom

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Lethbridge and District Area Council
Annual General Meeting 
May 26, 2020 @ 6pm Via Zoom
In attendance:  Krysty Thomas (Munns) (30048), President; Ray Wilson (30048), Vice-President, David Pearson (30048), Secretary/Treasurer; Stephanie Erb (30048); Karen Mah (30048); Sherry Hunt (30048)
Lindsey Sparks, PSAC Regional Representative
1. Call to Order 
6:05pm at online via Zoom
2. Approval of the Agenda:
a. By consensus 
3. Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes for Feb 17th     
a. Motion to accept the previous minutes with corrections
i. M/S Sister Hunt/Brother Wilson
ii. Carried 
4. Reports: 
a. Treasurer Report
i. $2965.12 as of Feb 17, 2020, no change since last meeting
1. Motion to accept report 
a. M/S Brother Pearson/Sister Hunt
b. Carried
5. Previous business: 
a. none
6. New business:
a. Welcome to new Regional Representative, Lindsey Sparks
i. will help facilitate the operation of the Lethbridge Area Council
b. Update from PRC and Regional Office RE: COVID-19 Restrictions
i. Regional Convention: the Prairie Regional Convention has been postponed and potentially cancelled. At this time it is not clear what is to be done about elections and passing a budget. There was a mention of maybe doing virtual votes or maybe rescheduling the convention in early 2021. No concrete decisions have been made yet. No travel has been booked yet and registration fee ($150) will be reimbursed. Regarding other timelines (ie. Prairie Voice Awards and nomination form for REVP And Alternate REVP) will be modified as we know more.
ii. Resolution Update: Our resolution RE: PRC Structure Change was discussed by the Bylaws Committee at the end of Feb. It was voted Concurrent and was prioritized in the top five, meaning if and when there is a convention is will make it to convention floor for discussion.
iii. Committee Business:  committees are free to carry on actions within our community. She encouraged online meetings if required. That being said the Finance Committee will not be meeting as scheduled to review the financial statements and 2020 budget requests. Therefore there will be no allocation recommendation at this time. However, if a committee would like to do an action during this time, and funds are required, we are to email Marianne for approval and if needed some funds will be allocated. 
iv. Going forward: Bargaining has been put on hold as the priority at the moment is ensuring the safety of our members. Many public servants are working the front line to help Canadians through this crisis. All Regional Offices are closed, but Regional Reps are still working remotely. 
c. future planning
i. Summer 2020 Action Planning ideas
1. Write letter to Treasury board regarding stalled bargaining specific to our region 
2. Write a letter to the editor related to National Public Service Week demanding action RE: bargaining and Phoenix Damages
3. Reach out to Lethbridge Pride organizers to see if there is something we can support during Pride Month/Covid
4. Sweet Grass Youth Alliance Summer Youth  Camp follow up 
5. An Action on 10paid Sick leave in relation to COVID (follow up with AFL actions regarding this initiative)
6. Follow up on childcare file, upcoming webinar put on by Childcare Now!
7. Visit (zoom calls) with MP, Harder
8. Labour Day children’s colouring contest/essay contest
9. Senior care file (in relation to issues we are seeing in long term care facilities in light of Covid. 
10. Ban on Conversion Therapy within city Lethbridge
11. Reusable Mask Project – collaborated with Stitch it Forward 
12. Municipal Election planning 
13. Black Lives Matter rallies
d. Education
i. On hold during COVID
7. Next meeting date, time and location: 
a. TBA
8. Agenda for next meeting: 
a. TBA
9. Adjournment
a. 7:30
Our Organization: