Winnipeg Area Council - Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2020

Virtual Meeting Minutes
Tuesday November 17, 2020 @ 7:00 PM


1. Call to order

2. Round table introductions

3. Adoption of agenda

4. PSAC Statement on harassment

5. Approval of Sept 14, 2020 meeting minutes (Brett)

6. Treasurers’ report (Tracy and Craig)

7. New Business

A) Community outreach

B) Human Rights Committee Report

8. Round table – time permitting

A) Jennifer - Education

B) Jennifer – Brian Pallister

9. Next meeting date

10. Adjournment


Winnipeg Area Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday November 17, 2020 @ 7:00 PM

Gus Mardli
Nestor Galarnyk
Craig Adolphe
Brett Rainboth
Frank Janz
Jennifer Chieh Ho
Faye Kingyens
Chris Rigaux
Tracy Thor – PSAC Rep

  1. Call to order at 7:08pm

  2. Round table introductions

  3. Adoption of agenda (with amendments) moved by Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho, seconded by Br. Craig Adolphe. None opposed.

  4. PSAC Statement on Harassment read by Sr. Jennifer

  5. Approval of September 14, 2020 minutes moved by Br. Brett Rainboth, seconded by Sr. Jennifer. None opposed.

  6. Treasurer’s Report. Br. Craig Adolphe will make arrangements to get signing authority switched to him. Sr. Tracy Thor advised updated bank statements are sent to regional office currently. No transactions have been made since the previous meeting, current balance is $1122.35. Sr. Faye Kingyens asked about funds for Santa Claus Parade, Br. Gus Mardli explained the Santa Claus Parade had been cancelled before funds were spent.

  7. New Business
    A) Community Outreach
    Br. Gus asking for ideas regarding community outreach
    Sr. Faye possible involvement in Christmas Cheer Board basket delivery though due to COVID-19 basket delivery may be suspended until November 27th
    Br. Frank Janz brought forward the idea of using funds usually allocated for political action as a charitable donation
    Br. Craig suggested possibility of running a contest where the WAC will match donations from members
    Sr. Jennifer brought forward idea of splitting donation money with Siloam Missions to fund out patient recovery centre
    Br. Nestor stated Siloam has stopped construction on new facility, Sr. Faye stated the same
    Sr. Faye motions to make a donation on be half of PSAC of $1000 to Winnipeg Cheer board, Br. Frank seconds. None opposed.
    B) Winnipeg Human Rights Committee Report (Sr. Jennifer)

  8. Round Table
    A) PSAC Education Forum (Sr. Jennifer)
    Sr. Tracy Thor advised still no in person education through fall 2020
    Sr. Jennifer requests WAC support for a request for a course on lobbying
    Br. Gus will be attending Education Forum
    Sr. Jennifer requesting speaking notes from presentation

    B) Brian Pallister (Jennifer)
    Sr. Jennifer would like an action item from WAC regarding hiring of private security firm to enforce COVID restrictions in Manitoba. Check in with Manitoba Federation of Labour
    Br. Gus will check in with REVP Marianne Hladun

    C) Other Roundtable
    Br. Frank offered to possibly make deliveries if we are able to donate Christmas hampers
    Br. Chris Rigaux, Stella’s strike update. UNE Local 50316 donated and Br. Chris and Sr. Jennifer attended the picket line. Stella’s Sherbrook is now closed. UFCW calling for permanent boycott of all Stella’s locations. Recommendation to let employer know our dissatisfaction. Br. Craig had previously represented his Local at Stella’s as well. Br. Chris will share letter previously submitted to Stella’s by Local
    Sr. Faye there has been push back from management regarding 699 leave, encouraging co-workers to report issues to PSAC
    Br. Craig suggests we offer a show of solidarity with nurses. Br. Gus asked if Br. Craig knew anyone that could provide us with information. Sr. Tracy suggested we contact MFL if there will be opportunity to participate in a future campaign.
    Br. Nestor will pass on lobbying notes from his previous experience

  9. Next Meeting Date TBD, will wait until funds allocation is approved or denied.

  10. Motion to Adjourn at 8:47pm by Br. Frank, seconded by Sr. Jennifer. None opposed.

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