Human Rights Committee - Meeting Minutes - November 13, 2020

PSAC Winnipeg Human Rights Committee Minutes
Wednesday, November 13, 2019 at 17:15   175 Hargrave Street

In Attendance: Jennifer Chieh Ho (Chair), Indrayani Patil, Michelle Phaneuf (Treasurer- minutes), Lindsey Sparks (PSAC Staff), Yvonne Hein, Nathalie Richard (Vice Chair), Gus Mardi,  Khalid Ahmad, Vimbai Dune, Jackie Nanali


1          Meeting called to order at 17:51

2.         Chair read treaty acknowledgment

3.         Welcome all guests, and special welcome to all attendees and acknowledged first time attendees Khalid and Vimbai

4.         Review/Adoption of Agenda with Edits (1st Yvonne, 2nd Gus, all in favour)           

5.         Review/Approval of Minutes of Oct 3 with edits (1st Nathalie, 2nd Indrayani, all in favour)

6.         Financial Report: Our Current balance is 597.70 as of today.  The cheque of $900 was received and deposited on Oct 10, 2019.  With cheques pending withdraw our balance is $452.54 including the cost of today’s meeting. Financial Statement to follow.

Previous Business  

7.         Approval of expenses for Oct 9 event of $330.00 (1st Michelle, 2nd Nathalie, all in favour)

8.       Terms of Reference for Wpg HRC - committee to utilize the existing handbook that is available online (1st Michelle, 2nd Gus, all in favour)

New Business

9a. Prairies Regional Council Equity Reps - Chair invited the equity Reps, and PSAC Regional Representative for Racially Visible members,  Neha was unable to attend for meeting start time, but forwarded the following message:

“Hi I am Neha, new to role and first PRC meeting is tomorrow for myself in the rolewe held the rv conference and identified some common issues being: lack of education, struggles and issues creating a strong network for rv, lack of action by rv members and why there is a lack.  I would love to hear ideas and feedback of initiatives you think we could take on a larger scale as a region or perhaps shortages to this point for HRC discuss meaningful action, not just doing things but doing things that have results and impact long run
if I can dial in before the meeting ends I will definitely do so.I hope to get more updates from Marianne at the PRC meeting and would love to share them.You can please share my contact information if any questions.”

9b. Three Priorities identified by the Winnipeg and Area Human Rights Committee Executive at the recent PSAC Regional Committees and Area Council financial training held at the Winnipeg Regional Office are:
PSAC National Human Rights Committee Priorities for each of the four Equity

Seeking groups

            2.  Lobby on Local Issues
            3.  Recruitment and retention of members

10. Election of Secretary for Wpg HRC
            Open floor for election at 6:53pm

Vimbai nominated by Gus, seconded by Jackie and accepted nomination
Indrayani nominated by Michelle, seconded by Jackie and respectfully declined.
Vimbai elected Secretary

11. Seasonal Celebration and 2019 CLIFF (CanadianLabour International Film Festival)
Jennifer requested videos and they have been received at Regional Office and are kept with the Treasurer Binder.  Jennifer will send the link
 With film descriptions to all in attendance.  A deadline will be requested to provide feedback onf ilm suggestions. Suggestion to contact past Islamic speaker.  Information will be forwarded to committee via Lindsey. ALL including allies are welcome.

Michelle has asked the committee to vote on the following Budget Request - in our original budget a request for $500 was made for the International Human Rights Day. This request was declined pending rationale.  As we are hosting the Seasonal Celebration and combining with the International Human Rights Day, suggest that we revise request to $400 and submit a rationale.

(1st Indrayani, 2nd Yvonne, all in favour)

12. Volunteer feedbacks on:

  1. Oct 9 Mental Illness Awareness Week event - Yvonne found the speaker Les Gillis from Anxiety Disorder Association of Manitoba (ADAM ) to be very good, and the topic interesting.Others agreed. Gus said that great and informative resources ( were shared.The speaker was engaging and easy to listen to.

        Jennifer had opportunity to invite the ADAM speaker attend at her workplace which was as well received and resourceful.  Jackie will be making arrangements for ADAM to do a presentation at her workplace as well.

  2. 2019 Prairie Regional Racially Visible Conference held in Calgary Nov 1 – 4, 2019

  3. Jackie - well organized, amazing experience, enjoyed speakers and good learning

  4. Khalid – Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi was an amazing speaker

  5. Indrayani - very good, felt like good therapy, especially enjoyed Magali Picard

  6. Jen - enjoyed meeting and connecting with members from across the Prairies. She had the opportunity to work on the steering committee.Jen was on the leadership panel where she talked about what the PSAC Regional Human Rights Committee is about and what the committee has done .  Has plans on helping set up Human Rights Committee in Saskatoon.  Amazing workshops on; “Building Our Power For Change”, “Addressing Systemic Racism” and “The Road to Mental health”.  2 out of 3 of our submitted resolutions were passed!
    Michelle - enjoyed networking and meeting people as possible mentors/femtors.

13. Human Rights Issues

-           Khalid suggested Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East and will share info with committee. ( )

-           Information on new Rehab centre opening in Winnipeg - Bruce Oakes Center

14. Events/Activities

  1. Dec 11 - Seasonal Celebration/International Human Rights day - details will be sent to Lindsey for event poster to be created
    Jen suggested volunteering as team at Siloam Mission to either serve meals or help with sorting of donations. Committee was in favour of the suggestion.A couple of dates areavailable as soon as first week of December.Jackie will look to see if past HRC account is still active with the organization.

15.  Next meeting date
      * January 8.  Start time will be 5:15 and meeting will commence at 5:30

AGM Date: March 4 discussed and agreed upon.

*** (Following meeting it was realized this date would not work.  Another date will be decided via email.) ***

9.      Adjournment
      * Meeting concluded at 7:43pm



To be Actioned By

Send draft Nov 13 minutes to Executive for review


Edit Oct 3 minutes & forward Lindsey and Shelley Jamieson for posting on PSAC site


Forward link to Cliff and include respond by deadline


Check on Siloam Mission Account


Create Rationale for Budget revision


Forward info on Canadians For Justice


Forward contact info for Islamic speaker


Event details to be sent to Lindsey and forwarded

1. Jennifer 2. Lindsey 3. Thomas

Our Organization: