Convention 2021 Bulletin #7

This bulletin contains updated information on delegate and observer registration as well as on supplemental resolutions. As stated in the convention call out released in December 2020, the 8th Triennial Prairie Region Convention will be held virtually June 25-27, 2021

Deadline for receipt of supplemental resolutions: February 19, 2021 

Deadline for delegate and observer registration: February 19, 2021 


The delegate registration previously done for the 2020 Prairie Region Convention will be confirmed with the submitting bodies. Changes in delegate registration shall be allowed and such changes shall not be considered as late delegates. 

All locals will receive a list of delegates and observers that were registered for the 2020 convention no later than January 13, 2021. 

The period for delegate confirmation shall be January 13 to February 19, 2021. 

The registration fee paid by delegates in 2019/2020 will be returned. Registration refund cheques will be mailed to Locals and Components on January 15, 2021. No registration fee shall be charged for the virtual Regional Convention. 

All delegates must be members in good standing, elected by the appropriate union body or delegated by virtue of their position (such as a member of Regional Council or as a national officer). 

If a delegate is being replaced by a duly elected alternate, minutes of the meeting where this election took place must be provided by the submitting body. This election shall be conducted per the appropriate local/branch/component by-laws. 

Components and Directly Chartered Locals shall confirm their delegation to PSAC, including any changes made to their delegation. 

The elected delegate representing an Area Council or Regional Committee shall be confirmed as per this process. A new election is not required if the previously elected delegate or their elected alternate will be attending the postponed Regional Convention; the Area Council / Regional Committee shall be asked to reconfirm their delegate. 

Should neither the elected delegate nor alternate be able to attend the postponed Regional Convention, the Area Council / Regional Committee shall be required to conduct a new election for their delegate. This election shall be conducted per the Area Council / Regional Committee by-laws. The new delegate must be registered by February 19, 2021 to avoid being a late delegate

For those union bodies that did not register their full complement of delegates (or any delegate) by the original 2019/2020 deadline, they will be able to utilize their full complement and register their delegate(s) to the postponed Regional Convention, within the reopened delegate registration period. Such delegates will not be considered as late. Any election required to fulfill delegate complement shall be done in compliance with the by-laws of the relevant union body (Local/Branch, DCL, Component, Regional Committee, Area Council). 


Observers shall confirm their attendance to the postponed Prairie Region Convention by: February 19, 2021. New observers are permitted to register for convention by this deadline. 

Changes in the observer registration by a union body shall be permitted. Such changes are to be made within the deadline cited above. Observers must be members in good standing. 

Registration for new observers will be accepted from January 13 to February 19, 2021. 

If an observer had previously paid the $150 convention registration fee, it will be returned by PSAC Prairies on January 15, 2021. No registration fee shall be charged for the postponed regional convention. 

An observer who will no longer be attending and who will not be replaced by an observer from the same union body will have their registration fee refunded. 

PSAC Prairies is not responsible for any costs incurred by observers. Regional Committees and Area Councils are reminded that they cannot spend committee/council funds on observers. 


New resolutions can be submitted to the postponed Prairie Region Convention. 

The deadline for submitting new resolutions is February 19, 2021. 

New resolutions submitted during this period must concern an urgent priority, on a new issue that became significant for PSAC members over the past year. New resolutions cannot treat a subject that has already been considered by resolution committees. 

For clarity, a new resolution: 

a. Must be on an urgent new priority or new significant issue. 
b. Cannot call for the same action or outcome as resolutions submitted previously. 
c. Cannot resubmit a resolution that had previously been determined to be out of order, in whole or in part, by the PSAC National President. 
d. Cannot resubmit a late resolution from the 2020 Regional Convention. 
e. Cannot resubmit a resolution that had previously been rejected because the original union body did not have the authority to submit resolutions to a Regional Convention. 

General Inquiries 

Any questions regarding the 2021 PSAC Prairies Virtual Convention should be emailed to