Prince Albert Area Council Meeting Minutes - Jan 13, 2021

Prince Albert and District Area Council Meeting

January 13, 2021, 7:00 pm – via Skype/Teleconference


Sherry Dearing                       Louise Mardell                       Joyce Romanchuk                  

Kim Kelly                               Marianne Hladun                   Marie Stradeski                                 

Treaty Acknowledgement

Statement of Harassment

Agenda – Motion Kim, 2nd Sherry

Review of Previous Minutes – The minutes of November 18, 2020 were reviewed. Adopted by Sherry 2nd by Kim 

Business arising from previous Minutes

  • 699 codes for leave - a policy grievance has been filed as well as a Human Rights complaint as it is affecting equity members (as well as all members). TB is not budging on wanting employees to use sick leave or annual leave.  If you are denied, still please let Louise know asap!
  • Collective Agreements – Parks have not yet signed. CFIA signed on January 5th.

2020 Year End Submission

  • Finance Committee was meeting on January 13th. We need to stay in good standing, to be able to send a delegate to convention. Marianne hopes to know more after the Finance Committee’s meeting, and she will send a detailed memo to PAAC as to what is needed.

PRC Rep        

  • Nothing further has been heard regarding Pennie’s term position in Saskatoon.  If she is extended or made permanent we will have to elect a new PRC Rep.   Louise is going to try to get in touch with Pennie, as her email doesn’t seem to be correct. Joyce will reach out to her as well. Marianne is going to check the bylaws for convention attendance/alternate as Pennie was designated to attend convention as the PRC Rep.

New Business

  • There is an Executive Meeting on January 14th for REVP/PAAC Presidents. An invite via email was sent.  Hopefully some members will attend the call.
  • Marie advised that they are speaking to the 699 code on her next UMCC Meeting. It has been added to the Agenda.

Round Table

  • Marianne spoke about the upcoming convention.  It will be June 25 – 27th.  It will run 4 ½ hours each day and will be virtual.  It will be held like a normal convention with a chance to speak at the mike, by clicking a button and entering a que. You will also be able to enter caucus rooms virtually. The National President is the only guest speaker on the Agenda. PAAC can send delegates (as long as we were in good standing in 2019). There is no fee for delegates or observers. If no one was delegated or no alternates selected, PAAC will have to have a meeting by February 19, 2021 to elect someone. Observers may attend, but are not eligible to vote. Delegates may vote.  Once you are registered to attend, you will be given a username and password to attend the convention as well as orientation prior to the start of the convention, due to it being virtual.
  • Marianne checked the bylaws and Pennie’s position stays vacant if she doesn’t attend the convention. There will be no alternate able to take her place.  When a position becomes vacant, the bylaw states that a new delegate must be elected 6 months prior to convention when it is an election year.
  • Louise reminded everyone of the new education schedule for PSAC that will be coming out shortly on the website.
  • PSAC’s website is not very user friendly and it was mentioned. Marianne said to let her know through an email, of the details of the issues members are experiencing and she will follow up.
  • There is a survey on the prairie’s website portion of PSAC’s website for members to fill out. It will take 10-15 minutes, and it is regarding how well PSAC connects with members. You can take the survey anonymously, but if you submit your email address you are entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card at a union grocery store. The deadline to do the survey is January 15, 2021.

Scheduling of next meeting – February 24, 2021 @ 7:00 pm via Skype/Teleconference

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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