Winnipeg and Area Human Rights Committee - DRAFT AGM Meeting Minutes - February 10, 2021

PSAC Winnipeg and Area Human Rights Committee

AGM 2021 Feb 10
Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Present: Jennifer Chieh Ho - UNE (Chair), Jacqueline Nanali – UNE (Vice Chair), Khalid Ahmad- CRA (Treasurer), Debbie Leaman, Tina Matias Bouchard (PSAC REP),  Miriam B ,  Gus Mardli - AGR, Gabriel Lorne Pelletier (CAHRD), Monique Ireland – UNE ,  Rita Gordon - UNE, Deanna – UNE (Secretary)

Welcome/Introduction: Call to Order: Jen: 6:44pm
- Tina invited new committee members email list
- One rep from a local can vote per the HRC Handbook. Other members from same local have voice but not voice and vote.

Land Acknowledgement: Jen

Motion; Approval of Agenda: Rita/Jackie Carried.

Round Table (Intros by Committee)

Motion: Approval of Minutes: Gus/Khalid Carried.
Correction: Meeting Date: Wednesday Mar 12 should be 2020.

2020 March – 2021 Activity Report:
PSAC Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee Presented at Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee, 2021 Feb 10 Respectfully submitted by Jennifer Chieh Ho, Chair

Land Acknowledgement.
I acknowledge that I live and work in Treaty 1 territory and that the land is the traditional territory of the original lands of the Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene Peoples, and the homeland of the Metis Nation. I am dedicated to ensuring that the spirit of Reconciliation and Treaty 1 is honoured and respected.  I respect the Treaties that were made on these territories, I acknowledge the harms and mistakes of the past, and I dedicate myself to move forward in partnership with Indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration.

I would like to acknowledge that February is Black History Month
- We acknowledge honour and celebrate resilience, and the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities who contributed and continue to contribute in making Canada a diverse country.
- First of all, I would like to say a few “Thank you” to everyone who supported the committee last year - Executive members (Jennifer – Chair, Jacqueline – Vice Chair, Deanna – Secretary, Debbie and Khalid – Treasurer for their hard work, commitment and dedication

  • Self Identified Equity Seeking Members
  • Allies
  • Regional staff Representatives, Lindsey and Tina and also the admin staff
  • PSAC Regional Admin staff, Shelley, Monica and Tesla
  • Prairies REVP office

2020 has been a challenging and difficult year  for everyone due to the Pandemic.

  • It was only a few days after our AGM that restrictions began to take place.On behalf of the HRC, I would like to send our condolences and sympathy to those who have lost their lives and grieving their losses due to reasons such as COVID 19, violence, mental health and different vulnerabilities.
  • At this time, I would like to invite you to join me for a moment of silence pls.
  • Due to the requirement to keep physical distance in order to keep all safe, there had not been any in person meetings since the AGM on March 12 until today.The committee had not been able to volunteer in person with organisations such as Siloam Mission and Bear Clan Walk.

For meetings

  • Despite the challenges the committee faced in the inability to meet in person, we have had 6 meetings I am thankful for the commitment and amazing dedication the Executive have contributed, as the committee met not only the mandate of minimum four meetings per year, but six meetings.Throughout the Pandemic months, we had organized four successful celebratory and commemorative virtual events which everyone was invited to attend. The virtual events were organised to bring awareness and to celebrate May Asian Heritage Month, Mental Health Awareness Week, CLiFF (Canadian Labour International Film Festival), International Human Rights Day. We collaborated with community organisations such as Asian Heritage Month Society of Manitoba, National Association of Japanese Canadians, Youth activist and organiser, United Way Campaign, Black History Month Society of Manitoba, Canadian Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME). Chris Alyward, the National President of PSAC and CLC National VP, Larry Rousseau joined us on our International Human Rights Day virtual celebration. Guest speakers were invited to all four events which they shared their own personal experiences and goals, which were both inspiring and enlightening.Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and provided feedback and their own experiences voluntarily as well.
  • The HRC Is entitled to send a representative to participate in the WPG Area Council and I have been attending their meetings in the last year.
  • The committee participated in several virtual meetings with the REVP and PRC and one virtual call with REVP and all other HRCs within the region. Next call is march 4th where Marianne has asked for all HRC s to report on what action or actions all committees are taking

Collaboration, Networking and Goals

  • The HRC remains involved with other PSAC HRC and women’s committee in the Prairies Region, other community organisations like black history month society Winnipeg, CLiFF, in the spirit of supporting each other.
  • There had been challenging times to organise events and meetings but the Executive pulled things together and made it possible for our equity seeking members and allies.
  • The Committee believes in reaching out and networking in order to be productive and to stand in solidarity with the work we need to do in promoting and defending human rights and social justice. We need to collaborate with all regional committees and support each other.
  • We have invited allies, PSAC Prairies Regional Council members (Equity
  • Representatives, Women’s and Young Worker’s Representatives), Chairs and committee of other HRC in the Prairies Region (Calgary, Regina and Edmonton) to join by teleconference calls for discussion.
  • We will be discussing action plans briefly on one of the later agenda items and future meetings

PSAC Prairies Regional Convention

  • As you know the convention was supposed to be last year but due to the Pandemic, it has been postponed to Thursday June 24 to Sun June 27 is going to be a virtual convention. We elected a delegate and alternate last year but there are changes and tonight, we will re-elect a delegate and alternate.I will be attending as a delegate from my UNE Local 50316


  • Lack of face to face in person meetings.Pandemic regulations and physical distancing has
  • Inconvenienced and prevented the Committee to actually carry out any volunteer activities
  • We have planned for such as bear clan patrol and helping at the Siloam mission
  • Recruitment of members to take on committee leadership roles
  • Lack of general self identified Members’ participation and engagement
  • Building a network of lobbyist to lobby local Politicians on local issues
  • Lack of accessibility to self identified members.We hope to be able to send our messages
  • Directly to all equity members who have self identified in the PSAC Regional database whenever possible.

Motion: To adopt Activity Report: Jen/Gus Carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Khalid

  • Balance at end December, 2019: $443.63
  • Balance at end of December, 2020: $257.76
  • All expenses accounted for – food for first meeting in 2020. Following meetings had no food expenses.
  • No expenses in the fall.

Motion: To adopt the Treasurer’s Report: Khalid/Gabriel carried.

Elections; Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer:

Chair: Call for nominations from floor nominated Khalid/Gus nominations for Jen (let her name stand) 2nd and 3rd call, no further nominations: Jen accepted Chair.

Vice Chair: Call for nominations from floor nominated Debbie/Khalid nominations for Jackie (let her name stand) 2nd and 3rd call, no further nominations: Jackie accepted Vice Chair.

Secretary: Call for nominations from floor nominated Jackie/Gus nominations for Deanna (let her name stand) 2nd and 3rd call, no further nominations: Deanna accepted Secretary.

Treasurer: Call for nominations from floor nominated Gus/Jackie nominations for Khalid (let his name stand) 2nd and 3rd call, no further nominations: Khalid accepted Treasurer.


Election of Delegate and Alternate to PSAC Prairies Regional Convention

June 24-27 virtual meeting gives right to vote for/against resolutions from committees and elections for REVP alternates and 23 PRC members.

Delegate: Call for nominations from floor nominated Jen/Debbie nominations for Jackie (let her name stand) 2nd and 3rd call, no further nominations: Jackie accepted Delegate.


Call for nominations from floor nominated Jen/Rita nominations for Khalid (let his name stand) 2nd and 3rd call.

Call for nominations from floor nominated Jackie/Gus nominations for Monique (let her name stand) 2nd and 3rd call.

Presentations by Khalid and Monique. Poll votes and one abstention.

Khalid accepted Alternate.


Budget Approval: Khalid/Jen

Costs this year: Consider:  see business plan and budget attached. Budget passed.

Asian Heritage Month speakers – TBA.

Postage and Stationary Campaign:

Motion: to send postcard/message of “stop defunding public services” on behalf of the PSAC Winnipeg HRC off to PC Party: Jen/Gus Carried.

Motion: To send postcard/positive and thank you messages on behalf of the PSAC Winnipeg Human Rights Committee supporting politicians: Rita/Jackie Carried.

Care Packages: Business Case – Gus/Jen

  • Proposal sent to Marianne encouraging social justice and human rights causes: Donation to Care Packages for Mama Bear Clan and Bear Clan Patrol – open during the day. Partnership would allow groups to: donate, get their support for functions, rallies, actions, lobbying, and volunteers to support causes.

Motion: To ask for $2,000.00 for funding for Mama Bear Clan and Bear Clan Patrol care packages: Gus/Debbie Carried.

Action Plan

Palestine Situation: Khalid

International Women’s Day message : Jen

  • Takes place March 7. To present Positive Messages of Hope
  • CCPA Report on Defunded services:
  • Campaign with social distance gathering at Legislature building asking for restored services. Pictures taken to be used for social media promotions. Respecting provincial health restrictions and physical distancing and depending on max number of people allowed at an outdoor gathering; for e.g.:6 involved: 2 people from HRC AREA Council and Mama Bear Clan each.
  • Jen, Gabriel, Gus, Jackie, Khalid and Deanna.
  • Action
    Jen will contact Mama Bear Clan and bring forward the suggestion to Area Council at upcoming meeting.
    Jen’s UNE Local 50416 is affiliated with the Winnipeg District Labour, will bring suggest forward to the next WDL meeting.
  • Depending on covid rules

Action CCPA Report:  An example on Long Term Care Homes and Assisted Living or Housing : Jen

  • Jen suggested to everyone to take a look at the report and come up with an issue dear to their hearts and bring to next meeting so that HRC can begin working on an action in solidarity.
  • Will bring idea to next Area Council meeting and collaborate with Area council in organizing or mounting a campaign;Message, who our allies are, who do we target, where and how?
  • Khalid suggested how about an online campaign/Petition?
  • If Area Council wishes to work with HRC in this petition/campaign action, possible request for a campaign training from PSAC Regional office while working with Tina (HRC Rep) and Tracy (Area Council Rep)for campaigns.
  • This will be a good start of our goal which has been discussed many times in lobbying politicians: to consider: people, goal and actions.

First Nations and Covid: Deanna

Oath of Office: Tina

Tina led the Exec to read and agree to the terms of the Oath of Office.

Next Meeting Dates: Wednesdays

  • April 7

  • June 9

  • September 15

  • November 17

Round Table (Committee gave feedback)

Motion: To Adjourn: Jen: 8:53pm


Our Organization: