Regina Area Council AGM Minutes - February 22, 2021

Feb 22, 2021
Present: Michelle Lang, Satinder Baines, Tim Hubick, Jessica Bonish, Robinson Joseph, Daniela Aubichon, Diane White PSAC Regional Rep

Call to order 5:34
Reading Land Acknowledgement and Harassment Statement – Michelle Lang
Motion to approve Agenda Jessica/ Satinder
Motion to approve last AGM minutes Michelle/ Tim
Chair Persons report – Michelle Lang
Michelle thanked everyone for the time they did put in over the last year which was tough on everyone. Didn’t do too much but still had meetings. Michelle/ Tim

Satinder Baines PRC rep report
Attended PRC meetings over zoom during the pandemic, not much to report as people learned how to navigate COVID. Satinder/ Michelle

Had an all committees meeting in March 2020 and had made an agreement to reimburse Satinder for the food cost.

Tim makes motion to reimburse Satinder Baines $67.47 for buying the Supper for the All committees meeting. Tim/ Jessica
Cheque 160 covered this expense

Financial Report
$240.17 in bank account at beginning of the year and $ 170. 40.
Move financial report Tim/ Daniela
Old Business- Nothing to report
Elections ran by Diane White
Chair Person Nomination Michelle Lang nominated by Jessica B/ Daniela A
Elected by Acclamation Michelle Lang
Co Chair     Nomination Jessica Bonish / Daniela
                    Nominated Tim Hubick/ Robinson J
                    Jessica declined 
                    Tim elected by acclamation
Treasurer    Daniela A nominated by Michelle/ Tim
                     Elected by Acclamation
Secretary   Robinson Joseph nominated by Satinder / Jessica
                     Accepted Nomination
                     Robinson elected by Acclamation


Bank Signing Authority

Michelle Lang
Tim Hubick
Daniela Aubichon

Committee was sworn in

Round Table:
Diane:  PSAC launched a new online learning system. Welcome to your Union PSAC and Precarious Work a Union Issue are two online learning courses that can be found on the National Website.  Regional Office has a number of work shops they will be offering. Check the Website for Courses.  Prairies Region has been chosen for pilot project TUB course, double the number of members applied then the course could accommodate. A lot of Bargaining rounds are coming up and the Bargaining round will be tougher than past contracts. Talk about Bargaining within your Bargaining Units now rather then later.  UNDE campaign about contracting out is still going on. 

Satinder Baines wanted to thank everyone for helping him throughout the years of being the PRC REP for the local Area Council.  He enjoyed the time spend with the various committees, but has to step back now due to other commitments.

Next Meeting March 18th at 7:15 pm
Meeting ended at 18:05

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