Westman Area Council - Draft Meeting Minutes - March 2, 2021

PSAC Westman Area Council
2 March 2021
Zoom and Teleconference

Attendees: Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Glen Johnston, Jennifer Grant, Jenifer Chelkowski, Dawn MacLennan, Allison Bardsley, Marnie Leflar, Jeff Sexton, Marianne Hladun (PSAC REVP), Tracy Thor (PSAC staff rep).

  1. Call to Order:   
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 5:07pm.

  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator: 
    Sr Thor appointed for the meeting.

  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented.  M- Br Johnston, S - Sr Grant
  4. Previous Minutes:
    Presented (Nov 26, 2020) and approved. M – Br Johnston, S – Sr MacLennan. Carried

    President’s Report:
     Br Weisgerber presented there have been a few Zoom meetings for PSAC PRC reps, Committee Chairs, and AC Presidents.  The main content is looking towards maintaining political activity in the current climate, lending support to labour allies, and recruiting and rebuilding committees and councils.  Locally we recently participated with UNDE in a small info demo at Shilo on the Uncover The Costs Campaign.    

    Treasurer’s Report:
     Sr Grant reported the current balance is $742.99. 
     The financial statement and transaction log for year 2020 were presented by Sr Grant as Treasurer.
      S - Br Johnston. Carried

    PRC Update:
    Br Johnston presented the latest notifications. 

    The PRC is meeting this upcoming weekend March 5, 6, 7th 2021. 

    With assistance from Sr Hladun, Br Johnston presented that the PRC has recently been working on preparations for the upcoming PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention which will be held virtually.  The Convention has been altered from a 3 day event to a 4 day event to limit daily time spent online.  All delegates will receive training on the virtual format of the convention prior to convention.

    Br Johnston spoke briefly on the United Way Christmas Tree Auction that WMAC participated in.  The event was fully virtual this year and was not as successful as previous years but very well received and successful for those that attended and the United Way considering limitations this year.

    Agenda Items:

  5. Agenda Items
    Elections. The Chair was assumed by Sr Hladun to conduct the elections:
    President – term until March 2023
    1. Michael Weisgerber , N – Br Johnston, S – Sr Grant
        a. acclaimed

    Vice President - Term until March 2023
    1. No nominations

    Treasurer -term until March 2023
    1. Jennifer Grant, N – Br Johnston, S- Br Weisgerber
      a. Acclaimed

      Secretary – term until March 2022
      1. Dawn MacLennan, N- Br Weisgerber, S- Br Johnston
          a. Acclaimed

      Alt to WMAC Rep to PRC
      1. No nominations

The WMAC signing authorities at Westoba Credit Union will be updated to reflect the changes in executive.   To include only Michael Weisgerber, Jennifer Grant, and Dawn MacLennan.
VP and Alt PRC Rep Positions remain vacant and will be tabled to each upcoming meeting until they are filled.

6. Uncover the Costs Campaign – UNDE/PSAC
     UNDE and PSAC have jointly launched and carrying out the Campaign to fight and educate on the practice of contracting out work within DND which comes at a loss of union positions, higher costs, and inferior quality of services.
     Upcoming campaign activities include additional info demonstrations and lobbying MP’s.Anyone interested in participating or assisting please contact Br Weisgerber or Sr Thor for additional information.

7. Points from the Floor
    Br Johnston spoke on the issues with the upcoming Treasury Board payments for Phoenix damages.TB is rushing the payments out and taxing the payments to members against agreed upon language and implementation.PSAC members are confused as to why they may   not be eligible for the complete payment and how to have their payments reviewed for accuracy.Sr Hladun informed that additional information will be posted by PSAC tomorrow and into the future on how to correct the issues that members are experiencing


Next meeting to be scheduled in the new calendar year.  Meeting format and coordinates to come out in meeting poster to be sent to all Westman area members. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:52 pm.

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