Winnipeg Area Council - DRAFT AGM Meeting Minutes - March 3, 2021


Annual General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

Attendance: Gus Mardli, Nestor Galarnyk, Craig Adolphe, Brett Rainboth, Jennifer Chieh Ho, Carl Gohl, Katie Dover, Christopher Rigaux, Yvonne Hein, Rita Gordon, Tracy Thor (PSAC Rep)

  1. Call to Order at 7:03pm by Br, Gus Mardli

  2. Roundtable introductions

  3. PSAC Statement on Harassment, read by Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho. Sr. Tracy Thor acting as Anit-Harrassment Coordinator

  4. Br. Gus Mardli presented a land acknowledgment.

  5. Adoption of Agenda; moved by Br. Nestor Galarnyk, seconded by Sr. Jennifer. Passed, non-opposed.

  6. Bill 16: The Labour Relations Amendment Act (Manitoba Federation of Labour President – Br. Kevin Rebeck) Tabled until Br. Kevin is available

    Br. Kevin joined at 7:28pm
    Explained contents of anti-union Bill 16 being proposed by Conservative Provincial Government
    MFL will be running advertising campaign to inform public
    Activist kits will be sent by MFL to members
    Online petition available to be completed
    NDP are holding up presentation of the bill until October or November
    Asking member to register to speak at hearing regarding bill, will most likely be done virtually, information on registration will be sent out in Activist kits. Phone number was provided 204-945-3636

  7. Approval of last AGM Minutes –Jan 28, 2020 (Br. Brett Rainboth); moved by Sr. Yvonne Hein, seconded by Br. Nestor. Passed, non-opposed

  8. President Report written by Br. Gus, Chair to Vice-President Br. Nestor. Report read by Br. Nestor. Moved by Sr. Katie Dover, seconded by Sr. Jennifer. Passed, non-opposed. Chair returned to Br. Gus

  9. Treasurer’s Report – 2020 Financial Statement (Br. Craig Adolphe)
    Bank balance at the end of 2020: $1122.35
    Starting balance for 2020: $1240.92
    No incoming revenue for 2020
    Expenses (2) were for food for WAC meetings
    Br. Craig thanks Sr. Tracy Thor for help during transition of Treasurer position
    Br. Craig moves to accept 2020 financial report, seconded by Br. Carl Gohl. Passed, non-opposed

  10. Election of Winnipeg Area Council Exec as per *WAC Bylaw 6, Sub-Section 2* Chair to Sr. Tracy for Elections
    President Election: Br. Gus nominated by Sr. Yvonne Hein, seconded by Br. Nestor. Br. Gus Mardli let his name stand, elected.
    Vice- President: Br. Nestor nominated by Sr. Rita Gordon, seconded by Br. Gus. Br. Nestor Galarnyk let his name stand, elected.
    Secretary: Br. Brett Rainboth nominated by Br. Nestor, seconded by Br. Gus. Br. Brett let his name stand, elected.
    Treasurer: Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho nominated by Br. Christopher Rigaux, seconded by Br. Nestor. Br. Craig nominated by Br. Brett, seconded by Sr. Yvonne.
    Br. Craig Adolphe will not let his name stand
    -Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho will let her name stand
    Sr. Jennifer elected.

    End of elections, Sr. Tracy returns chair to Br. Gus

  11. Bargaining Updates
    Br. Nestor will provide update at a later time
    Sr. Tracy provided some below information:
    PA,TC, SV bargaining conference taking place in April 2021
    Demands are in for this round of bargaining
    Work force adjustment protection one of main concerns
    Components in process of submitting conference delegates
    Parks bargaining conference at end of May/early June 2021
    Most recent Treasury Board President resigned (per Br. Nestor)
    Members need to be ready to mobilize
    Possible Federal election will require mobilization preparation

  12. Winnipeg & Area HR Committee Report (Jennifer)
    Sr. Jennifer will send notes to Br. Brett (See Appendix)

  13. Stop de-funding public services Campaign (Jennifer)
    Sr. Jennifer will send notes to Br. Brett (See Appendix)
    Br. Gus suggests we take a couple of weeks to come up with ideas
    Br. Gus requests Sr. Jennifer sends a reminder

  14. Broken Hearts’ Cards Campaign (Jennifer)
    Sr. Jennifer will send notes to Br. Brett (See Appendix)
    Br. Nestor asked if Sr. Jennifer would like to have campaign associated with Bill 16 and “Free Transit” campaign
    Winnipeg Public Works meeting March 11 at 9:30am at city hall, possibility an opportunity

  15. New Business:
    Br. Gus explained that as PSAC convention is coming up this summer and as in-person events are basically non-existent that finances are not due until June 2021
    - Sr. Tracy advised that if there are proposals to be submitted they can be submitted to REVP Sr. Marianne for her approval

  16. CLIFF sponsorship proposal (Jennifer)
    Sr. Jennifer provided explanation as to what CLIFF is/does
    Sr. Jennifer proposes that WAC sponsors $500 to CLIFF, would like REVP office to match amount approved
    Br. Gus asks when donation would need to be provided? Sr. Jennifer advised CLIFF is suppose to send a donation request letter to WAC
    Br. Gus asks where PSAC Prairies or WAC acknowledgement of sponsorship message be posted? Sr. Jennifer advised it would most likely be posted online
    Br. Gus advised that if passed we can send off business case to REVP office right away
    Sr. Jennifer motioned for WAC to sponsor CLIFF for $500 donation, seconded by Br. Carl. Passed, non-opposed
    Sr. Jennifer motioned for WAC to present to REVP office to match $500 donation, seconded by Br. Nestor. Passed, non-opposed.

  17. Round table
    Sr. Jennifer requests to work with Br. Craig when completing upcoming budget, Br. Craig agrees
    Br. Carl provided a reminder that there is a webinar on March 9th coming up on understanding the collective agreement through PSAC
    Oath of office taken by all elected Executive Officers

  18. Next 3 meeting dates
    April 28th 7pm, Virtual
    May 26th 7pm, Virtual
    June 30th 7pm, Virtual
    September 2nd 7pm, Virtual

  19. Adjournment motioned by Sr. Jennifer, seconded by Br. Gus. Non-opposed. Adjourned at 8:48pm


Below submitted by Sr. Jennifer Chieh Ho

1-    Winnipeg & Area HR Committee Report (Jennifer)

The HRC has not met since the area council met about two weeks ago.  However, the committee had submitted our joint action plan of  meeting at the legislature building on March 7th, to the REVP’s office.  The REVP’s response was that  due to current public health order in Manitoba which in the maximum of 5 people at an outdoor gathering and the fact that it would be difficult  if not impossible to ensure that we keep that limit if the intention is to invite other community allies and labour. Unfortunately. she can’t approve an in person event at this time due to the liability it would place on PSAC to ensure that our members and others all adhere to the Public Health Order. 

I advised REVP that this will be a standing agenda item on the HRC and we hope that AC will do the same.

2-    Stop de-funding public services Campaign (Jennifer)

REVP is in support of fighting back against govt cuts and inaction that put Manitobans at risk is a good idea.  We would have to narrow down our scope to a specific issue and also to have a discussion about what the area council (and HRC) is asking for.  She has offered her availability should the area council and hrc like to organise a call to have that discussion.   It would be ideal if we could come up with an issue.  At our last meeting two weeks ago, I provided a resource from the Canadin Center Policy For Alternatives and I hope you had a chance to review the resource.  Perhaps, also come up with a suggestion of what issue you are considering.

3-    Broken Hearts’ Cards Campaign (Jennifer

Cards have been sent 

4.  Sponsorship of CLiFF 

A little background before the proposal:

·      The Canadian Labour International Film Festival, CLiFF in short, is a non profit organisation which has been in existence since 2009.  It is a dedicated forum to celebrating  and acknowledging unionised and non unionised workers and acknowledging workers  who seek justice and dignity and labour organizing. 

·      The festival provides a national and international platform to showcase workers' stories through films.  The sponsorship is an opportunity for the Area Council and PSAC Prairies to help put the stories of workers and labour movement in the forefront.

I would like to propose that Area Council sponsors $500 and that the Area Council make a proposal to the REVP's office to match the amount of $500.

 In Solidarity,

Jennifer Chieh Ho

Chair 2019 - 2021

PSAC Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee   

Our Organization: