Regional Indigenous People's Circle Meeting Minutes - Feb 17, 2021

Regional Indigenous People’s Circle
February Virtual Meeting

Minutes – February 17, 2021

Call to Order – 5:46pm

Attendance: Prudence McKenzie, Chair Janette Husak, President Tanys Isbister, Louise Mardell, Marianne Hladun, Clarissa Danielson, Secretary,  No Elder present

Welcome – There was brief discussion about the committee and how to move forward after having no meetings in a while due to COVID-19 and all the changes that have occurred because of it.

Review Agenda – No additions or deletions

Minutes from Last Meeting – Last minutes of the meeting are on the website and they were approved.

President’s Report – Dave has retired from the group therefore Janette Husak has stepped up to the role.

Election of Officers – Janette Husak is the President, and the PRC Rep 

Chair – Prudence McKenzie was nominated by Janette Husak, seconded by Clarissa Danielson, accepted by Prudence McKenzie

Vice Chair – vacant; tabled to next meeting Treasurer – vacant; tabled to next meeting

Secretary - Clarissa Danielson was nominated by Janette Husak, seconded by Tanys Isbister, Clarissa Danielson accepted

Treasurer Report – Prudence McKenzie stated the opening balance was at $907.28 and closing balance is $887.78 with only $1.95 monthly bank fees deducted over the year. Budget was approved. Mover was Prudence McKenzie, seconded by Clarissa Danielson – budget accepted

2019 Reporting Package and 2020 Reporting Package – 2019 is complete and was sent to Marianne Hladun’s office. 2020 will be done before the March 15th, 2021 deadline. We have tabled the 2020 Reporting Package for next meeting. The 2021 Budget is due at the end of June 2021.

New Business – PSAC 8TH Prairie Region Convention – Virtual Convention – June 25-27, 2021

We have decided who will represent our committee at the Virtual Convention: Tanys Isbister was nominated to be ‘delegate’ by Janette Husak and Prudence McKenzie has seconded the motion. There was no volunteer for the ‘alternate’ position as of yet. Louise will send Tanys the information to register; registration deadline is Friday, February 19, 2021.  Unfortunately, Tanys is not a PSAC member and cannot be the delegate to convention.  RIPC will not have a delegate.

Round Table

Prudence McKenzie – we need to be more active in recruitment and stated she will attempt to recruit from FNIHB Dental Therapists who have a volume of indigenous representation in this department. The Facebook group currently open was discussed, it was noted that the administrator of the page is no longer an active member of RIPC therefore Prudence suggests we begin a new Facebook group page titled with our actual group name. Prudence will work with Clarissa to get this up and running so we can have an active social media page to generate recruitment and keeping all members informed.

Clarissa Danielson – thank you to new member Tanys Isbister for joining our group on short notice Tanys Isbister – thank you for the invitation to the group.

Janette Husak – gives thanks to all members for interest in keeping our group going, expresses excitement and looking forward to what is ahead.

Marianne Hladun – expressed thank-you’s and gratitude to sticking with the group. There are so many indigenous issues that need to be addressed and expressed RIPC can use its strength and organization skills to address the various issues moving forward. As a union we believe in TRC and its recommendations. Marianne Hladun is open to helping and supporting with a lot of things in the future. She looks forward to receiving proposals to come up with solutions on how we can prioritize and help with the various indigenous issues such as racism in Saskatchewan, access to clean water on reserves, etc.

Louise Mardell – recruitment is important and don’t be shy to reach out to her, she has forwarded a list of contact numbers to call individual departments to seek members. There is a privacy statement on the contact list therefore the contact list can be shared to other committee members with the privacy statement included with the list. Louise shared information on workshops and courses available and offers her support if anyone has any questions at any time on anything. Louise stated the website has the upcoming sessions available plus there are various information emails sent out and if you are not receiving those emails than contact Louise to provide your personal email address to be added to the email list. Louise will send Tanys the links to our new member to explain RIPC as well as fill her in on past meetings and events RIPC has been involved with in the past.

Next Meeting – Scheduled for March 10, 2021 at 5:30pm virtual zoom meeting.

Adjournment – 6:47pm

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