Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2021

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – February 9, 2021



Alec Goertzen, President

Dale Marianicz, Vice-President

Jenn Jurca, Treasurer

Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary


Dolly Ablitt PSAC Regional Rep


Special Guest:  REVP Marianne Hladun

Br Goertzen called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.



Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption

The Agenda was adopted M/S/C  Kosteniuk/Jurca


President’s Report

Br Goertzen made his 2020 report, stating “Another year has come and gone for our Area Council and look back on the year with ‘a new kind of lens’ of the work we did to stand up for our members in our city… Calgary!”  Br Goertzen discussed beginning with an approved budget and planned event/s activities:

  • Day of Mourning – April 28
  • Public Service Week – June/2020
  • Phoenix Rally with Parks members
  • Meet your MP/MLA – federal and provincial
  • Labor Day BBQ – Sept 7
  • Remembrance Day – Nov 11


The National Day of Mourning became a Zoom event.   The CAC recognized National Public Service week and the work “front-line” agents were doing during the pandemic by deciding to “ninja” Locals with gift boxes in June.  Three locals were identified and Union Ninja packages prepared. The PSAC "Area Council 'Ninja's" paid a visit to UCTE, Passport, and Service Canada Locals in the Calgary area... with basket of treats and swag goodies of appreciation for their work they do for Canadians during these trying times.  A posting with pictures was made to PSAC Prairies Facebook page.  The Phoenix Rally with Parks members and Meet your MP/MLA events were never held, because of social distancing requirements.  A donation to the Veteran’s Food Bank in honour of Remembrance Day was done.


Brother Goertzen moved his report, which was carried unanimously.


Vice President’s Report

Br. Marianicz made his report, discussing how COVID-19 has forced workers into turning their homes into workplaces and offices; personal meetings have changed to virtual ones; how health orders prohibited face to events and large social gatherings, such as the Labour Day BBQ.  He discussed how the 2020 Regional Triennial was cancelled and has now become a virtual event in 2021 and the National Triennial also a virtual event in 2022.  Br. Marianicz advised it was his intention to not put my name forward and seek nomination or election for the VP of the Area Council as one of the governing bodies of our Union. 


Br Marianicz moved his report, which was carried unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report

Sr Jurca reported she developed the Financial Reporting package, with a lot of help from Tom Kjaersgaard to retrieve copies of all of the documents from the office.


We started the year with $782.62 in our accounts, and only had a few expenditures:

  • $43.15 related to Meeting Food
  • $24.20 related to Meeting Parking
  • $500.00 donation to the Veteran’s Food Bank
  • $138.67 related to Union Ninja event
  • $78.00 related to bank fees


This would have left us at $-1.40 except that two of the cheques didn’t clear before the end of the year. So our final balance was $515.45 on Dec 31. CAC received a $500 from the REVP to cover the Veteran’s Food Bank donation, but it didn’t arrive until January. It has now been deposited. Sr. Jurca advised she hadn’t seen the Bank statement for the end of January, but knowing that cheque was deposited, and assuming that the other two cheques cleared, the balance is anticipated to be $492.10.


Sr. Jurca advised she has completed the financial report, and once we vote to accept it, I will forward it to the appropriate people. There was no requirement to get an independent review this year, but I did send it to Alec to look over.


Lastly, Sr Jurca stated “I need to step down from the Executive at this time, due to some family issues and the fact that I need to spend more time focussing on things within.”


There was a discussion about the 2020 Financial Statement, the outstanding cheque.   There were some expenses incurred by Sr Jurca for parking in late 2019 and early 2020 that she had overlooked and brought forward so a cheque to her in the amount of $16.85 was issued (it’s one of the outstanding cheques) CAC unanimously approved the cheque to Sr. Jurca .


Sr Jurca moved the Treasurer’s Report and it was carried unanimously.


Old Business

Veterans Food Bank Association donation

Br Goertzen talked about delivering the donation and about the work the Veterans Food Bank is doing for Veterans and how excited they were by our donation.   They would love for CAC and PSAC members to volunteer at the Food Bank.


New Business

Guest Speaker Marianne Hladun


Sr Hladun provided us with updates about the Prairie Region Triennial and the PSAC National Triennial.

The Regional Triennial will be 4 days in length and she outlined how it’s starting to look to those planning it.  This Triennial as well as the National Triennial is being held virtually.   She discussed the platform being used for Regional and some of the logistics.  She reminded CAC that delegates and alternates need to register now. 


Sr. Hladun was asked by Br Goertzen if all future regional and national triennials will be held virtually, and she advised no, they will return to a personally attended format, as the networking done at these events is essential to support and encourage delegates


Sr Hladun talked about actions the Prairie Region is planning, including one for Revera Homes, which turns out is owned by our Pension Plan, as well as shared on how Prairie Region Council is carrying by conducting virtual meetings to continue the business of the union.  There are also quarterly meetings held with the Executives of the Committees to discuss what they are doing in their region, to inspire Committees to hold events/activities. 


Sr Hladun discussed the PSAC’s work with the post secondary academic sector.    PSAC has worked tirelessly organizing workers in the post-secondary sector and we now have over 27,000 members in over 25 post-secondary institutions in 61 bargaining units. Our most recent victory is having Laval postdoctoral fellow recognized as employees.  All these bargaining units have issues and there are plans being made for events/actions/activities to support this newest sector of the PSAC.


Sr Hladun discussed the PSAC member survey saying the results are showing there are members out there that want more involvement with the PSAC, with a lot of young adults expressing interest in the Young Workers Committees.  She also discussed the National Survey on Harassment and Violence at Work in Canada, urging members to complete the Survey.


Lastly, Sr Hladun spoke to executive members, thanking them for their service and stating she understands the need to walk away from positions and take the time for self care.  She encouraged us to attend and support events



Elections for Calgary Area Council Executive

Sr Ablitt ran the Elections for the positions open for 2021:  Secretary and Vice-President


Vice President (CAC Bylaws 6, ss13)

Sr Ablitt called for nominations three times with no nominations made

An election for Vice President will be held at a later date


Secretary (CAC Bylaws 6, ss13)

Sr Ablitt called for nominations the first time and Br Goertzen nominated Sr Kosteniuk, Sr Jurca seconded

Sr Ablitt called for nominations two more times, none were made

Sr Ablitt asked Sr Kosteniuk if she would let her name stand, Sr. Kosteniuk declined

An election for Secretary will be held at a later date


Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Regional Representative

Sister Ablitt discussed the education courses being offered, all being virtually held.  There was a Changes in the Federal Sector for Workplace Violence Prevention Legislation online course and a Writing Resolutions online course held in January.  There is a virtual TUBS course being planned.  The courses on offer can be found at


Sr Ablitt also spoke to the Executive members that have decided to step back from the Executive, thanking us for our years of service and wishing us well. 


Brother Goertzen then asked Sr. Ablitt to hold the election for Convention Delegate Alternate only

Sister Ablitt then asked for nominations and Br Goertzen nominated Sr Kosteniuk, seconded by Sr Jurca

Sister Ablitt then asked for nominations and Sr Jurca nominated Br Marianicz, seconded by Br Goertzen

Sister Ablitt then asked for nominations a third and final time, no nominations received 

Sister Ablitt asked Br Marianicz if he would allow his name to stand and he declined

Sister Ablitt asked Sr Kosteniuk if she would allow her name to stand, she did and was acclaimed


Round Table


Br Goertzen spoke about each Executive member, thanking us for our contributions, inspiration and dedication to Calgary Area Council.


Sr Jurca, Br Marianicz and Sr Kosteniuk made brief speeches thanking Brother Goertzen and acknowledging how much we enjoyed working together.

Br Goertzen then announced his resignation as President of Calgary Area Council, noting he has been involved with Area Council for 10 years and it’s time for someone new to take the lead.   He thanked the REVP for her support and Sr Ablitt for the support of the Regional Office.   He noted he will continue in the PRC position as Area Council Rep.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:14 p.m.  

M/S/C Jurca/Marianicz

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