Regional Indigenous People's Circle Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2021

Regional Indigenous People's Circle Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2021

Attendance: Chair Prudence McKenzie, Janette Husak, Kelsey Dreaver, Louise Mardell.  Regrets: Clarissa Danielson.  No Elder present 

Call to order 5:46 -Land acknowledgement and Harassment Policy read

Review Agenda – Elections will be postponed until next meeting as two weeks’ notice required. Agenda accepted as amended  

Minutes from Last Meeting/ Minutes will be amended to reflect two minor changes.

President’s Report – Prudence attended the PRC equity Regional Meeting on March 4. Reporting packages are due by March 15th.  Prudence also reported that the 2020 package is ready for submission and will be reviewed later in the agenda. The Equity committees had a discussion regarding activities for National Indigenous Day in June.  Also, discussion regarding a Kairos Blanket exercise to be delivered virtually.     

Janette Husak is the PRC Rep and attend the PRC meeting on March 5th.  During that meeting there were discussions regarding Phoenix damages payments, bargaining updates, and a presentation from Chris Aylward.

Vice Chair – vacant; tabled to next meeting Treasurer – vacant; tabled to next meeting. Prudence will send a notice of meeting to include elections to be posted asap to allow for the two-week time frame required.

Treasurer Report – Prudence McKenzie gave an overview of the reporting packages. 2019 package is completed – was reviewed and signed off by Janette and will be sent to the REVP’s office. 2020 package is ready for review.  Package was approved as submitted. Moved by Kelsey and seconded by Janette.  Package will be sent to the REVP’s office before March15th. The 2021 Budget is due at the end of June 2021. If any activities are planned before then a separate proposal will be sent in to REVP for approval.  

Round Table

Prudence set up a new Facebook page called “Regional Indigenous Peoples Circle”.  Prudence will manage it for the first while and accept requests to join.

Louise updated information regarding Workshops and training courses. Members are encouraged to check the website for upcoming events.

Adjournment – 6:47pm

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