Calgary RWC Mtg Minutes - Mar 10 2009


Calgary Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

March 10th, 2009 at Calgary Regional Office

In Attendance:                                                    Regrets:

Nicole Frechette – AGR 30046                             Pat Buchanan – Parks (National) 30186

Joyce Lewis – CEIU 30877                                  Sylvia Garrioch – CEIU 30877

Heike McRae – UPCE 30100

Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO Staff

1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm.

2. Review of last meeting’s minutes

Reviewed minutes of last meeting. Nicole (Chair) read minutes. Line items for budget were

discussed. Motion to review budget file for 2008 cheque by cheque, due to discrepancies in

balance. Budget accepted, pending revision and following review.

Motion Carried Unanimously M/S/C: Joyce; Heike

3. 2009 Budget

Proposed 2009 Budget is $6360. Motion to accept the 2009 Budget.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Heike; Nicole

4. RWC Activities for 2009

March for Murdered & Missing Women was attended by Heike. Heike and Nicole attended

Connections for Women. Future activities for 2009 will be discussed at the coaching clinic and

retreat in April 2009.

Motion to have Coaching Clinic and Retreat on April 25 th and 26 th , 2009. The Coaching Cline

will be given by Karen Dawson from the Banff Institute, and a one day joint planning retreat.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Joyce; Nicole

5. Election of New Executive

Election of new executive by consensus was agreed to be deferred to the AGM on March 31 st ,


Motion Carried M/S/C: Heike; Nicole

6. Combined Meetings

A suggestion was put forth to have the RWC meetings combined with those of the Area

Council and the Human Rights Committee. The next meeting would take place on March 31 st

at 5:30 pm.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Joyce; Heike

11. Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 pm. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, March 31 st ,

2009 at 5:30 pm.

Motion Carried M/S/C: Nicole; Heike


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