Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (Feb 23 2009)

Annual General Meeting   23 February 2009

CalgaryArea Council, PSAC


Quorum: achieved, in accordance to Area Council Bylaws 

Call to Order:  5:40p.m.

In Attendance:

Danial Curotte              Heike McRae

Kevin King                   Wally Fandrich

David Fandrich              Karen Paull

Timothy Hunt                Sherry Sayers

 Technical Advisors:  

Dolly Ablitt, Regional Representative, PSAC Regional Office, Calgary

Raj Hari, Regional Representative, PSAC Regional Office, Calgary

 Guest:  Don Dudar:  Organizer, PSAC Prairies


 Reimbursement for K. King for food and refreshment at this meeting.  M/S/C Fandrich W. /Mcrae






  • Financial Statement 2008 – King. Statement was read, identifying income and expenditures for 2008.  A question was raised concerning Cheque #60, for $50, posted June 2, 2008.  Action required: VP elect of Area Council to contact the bank regarding distribution of cheque #60.  M/S/C to otherwise accept Financial Statement as read King/Fandrich, D.








  • Budget 2009 – King.  Budget for 2009, identifying projected expenditures and monetary request to PSAC Prairies was tabled.  A/S/C to adopt budget proposal to PSAC for 2009, with amendment to have one line item for direct action initiatives totalling $1000.00.  M/S/C King/Paull




    4a.  Human Rights Committee – Calgaryis in need of establishing a Human Rights Committee.  Three locals from three different Components need to get a letter signed off by their respective Component President(s), so that this matter can be properly address and sanctioned by the Alliance Executive Committee and the National Board of Directors. A commitment was made that those in attendance representing at least three different Components would write a letter to their respective Component Presidents. 

    4b.  Don Dudar – Organizer, PSAC Prairie Region

    Brother Don Dudar explained the importance of organizing.

    • Members work next to many in non union environments in adjacent offices
    • Focus from PSAC is organizing the unorganized since the time of the 2000 PSAC Convention
    • Many within PSAC have not been given the opportunity to be oriented into a full union environment, will all attendant rights and privileges
    • Randdeductees and signing up of Randsthrough an education process need to be a standing matter for each and every union local.

    4c.  Bill C-10 (Budget implementation Act – 2009) – Dolly Ablitt

    A discussion was had regarding the negative implications of Bill C-10.  Bill C-10 would mean severe restrictions on collective bargaining, and the end of filing pay equity complaints to the Human Rights Commission.  This is damage for those whose classifications are in female dominated groups.

    Action to be taken:  It is expected that Bill C-10 will pass through the House of Commons with Liberal support of the Conservatives. As such, we will need to lobby Liberal Senators at the Senate stage of this bill.  In addition, there will be a rally of February 26th, at the Harry Hays at noon, in awareness of the negative connotations to Bill C-10.  A BBQ lunch will be provided. 

    5. Area Council Elections


    President:   Danial Curotte.   Nominated by Heike Mcrae (UPCE); Seconded Wally Fandrich (UTE).  Acclamation.

    Vice President:  Heike Mcrae.   Nominated by Timothy Hunt (CEUDA); seconded by Danial Curotte (UTE). Acclamation

    Secretary:  David Fandrich.  Nominated by Danial Curotte (UTE); Seconded by Heike Mcrae (UPCE).  Acclamation

    Treasurer:  Karen Paull (NRU).  Nominated by Heike Mcrae (UPCE); seconded by Kevin King (National). Acclamation 

    5a.  Area Council Sworn in by Raj Hari, Regional representative, PSAC. 

    6.  Information on Round Table:

    International Women’s Day celebration– March 5th- Carpenters and Joiners Union Hall

    AlbertaFederation of Labour Convention– April 23rd-26th – Edmonton

    PSACPrairieUnionSchool– May 25th to May 29th- Grant MacEwan Community College, Edmonton.

    A short discussion was held regarding the work location on members that are affiliated with the Calgary Area Council, as it is perceived that this type of database is necessary for location of membership. This matter was referred to the incoming executive

    1. Next Meeting:  Review and Possible Change of Bylaws: Since 20 days notice is required, meeting is proposed for Tuesday March 31st.  M/S/C (Curotte/Fandrich, W.






  • Adjournment:  Fandrich, D/Mcrae 8:20p.m.




    Note:Chairperson Danial Curotte thanked Brother Kevin King for this past year for service in the combined position of Secretary-Treasurer. 

    Our Organization: