Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes - Nov 8 2016

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee

General Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 5:15 p.m.

PSAC Regional Office 175 Hargrave St



Attendees:     Rachel D’Eschambault, Gloria Kelly, Nicole Papineau, Lorelei Topnik, Christine Dmylesko, Yvonne Hein, Sylvie Auger, Anna Goldfeld, Sheila Hansen, Dawn MacAulay, Shelley Jamieson (PSAC rep)

Regrets:         Mona Simcoe, Tanya Lachance


  1. Call to order at 530.   Harassment Statement in effect.
  2. Addition of 2 items on the Agenda agreed to by all.  Roundtable introductions.
  3. Not available at this time.
  4. Lorelei gave the Treasurer’s report.
  5. Previous Business
    1. Participation in Santa Claus Parade (Saturday, November 12th)
      1. The truck is being moved to The Forks Saturday morning
      2. Still looking for decorations and lights (put you name on them if you want them back. Otherwise they’ll be donated somewhere)
      3. Still looking for volunteers to decorate and be on the float
      4. Frank is supposed to be sending another e-mail this week with more concrete details
      5. If you have big boxes that can be covered with wrapping paper and have a bow put on them to look like presents, bring them too.
    2. Donation to Labour Christmas Tree project (jacket, hat, mitts to needy children)
      1. Nicole moved to send a donation of $200, Lorelei seconded it, all in agreement.
      2. Shelley thought they might be in need of volunteers for the event but she didn’t have details yet of the date, she’ll find out and let us know.
    3. Donation to Kent Road School breakfast project will be made in 2017 as we have already sent them a donation in 2016.
    4. Resolutions put forward –do we want to get them moving via components?
      1. Yes, the more places a resolution comes from the more likely it will be accepted as a resolution and shows that there is a need of some kind.  If your local has any resolutions to be put forward, send them to Gloria and she can pass them on to us to forward through our locals.
      2. Also, you can ask Tracy for a copy of the resolutions from the Prairie Region Women’s Conference.
      3. If your local has any resolutions to be put forward, send them to Gloria and she can pass them on to us to forward through our locals.
  6. New Business
    1. Day of Remembrance luncheon hosted by MFL on Tuesday, December 6th
      1. We have money in the budget to buy 5 tickets ($150) to distribute to those that are interested in attending. A few ladies in attendance showed interest but some had to check their schedules.  Gloria will pick up the tickets and give them to Shelley for pick up.  There is also a collection of hats and mitts to be given to shelters.  Dawn moved the buying of the tickets at $150 total, Anna seconded it, all in agreement.
      2. Briefing on Regional Council Meeting (requirements for 2017) by Gloria
        1. All applications for funding must be to Marianne by March 15th due to convention being in April
        2. This means we have to have our financial report and requests for funding ready by March 15th
        3. This also means we need to have our AGM in January, start working on our budget planning which includes event planning for the rest of the year so we know what monies to ask for
        4. The Finance Committee (of the PRC?) is going to come up with an instructional guide on how to do the reports and prepare proposals (the ask for money)
        5. I you have a project in mind, get it in writing, do a business plan if it’s going to cost more than $500
          1. We’ve done one-day conferences, we have speakers, we’ve supported the Kent Road School Breakfast Club, we to the toiletries for Nova House, and did a project with the Child Care Coalition
        6. Think about what you’d like to do, ask for the moon and stars, the worst that can happen is that they say no.  Who’d have thought we’d be involved in the Santa Claus parade!!!
        7. Community gardens are a possibility.  Winnipeg Harvest grows veggies in recycling bins on their property.  Evidently there’s also community libraries around town (an established spot with a box for books, bring a book, take a book)
    2. Seasonal Celebration – No thank you!!  A lot of work with little return.  It’s had its time, now it’s time to put it to rest (at least for a few years).
      • Is there a community event that we can participate in, i.e. volunteering at a Christmas Dinner such as Agape Table, Siloam Mission, the Union Gospel Mission, etc???  Need to get your names in now, as these “special events” fill up fast.
    3. We need to vote on a delegate to the PSAC Regional Convention in spring 2017.  You’ll be fully funded (wages, meals, incidentals) but you will not be staying at the hotel if you live within 100 kilometers of Winnipeg.  Who’s interested?  Nicole was voted in as our delegate with Lorelei as alternate #1 and Anna as alternate #2 (in case Nicole is unable to attend for some reason).
    4. We need to vote on a delegate to the National PSAC Equity Conference in Toronto, March 24 to 28, 2017 (Thursday to Sunday including travel time).  Fully funded as noted above.  Who’s interested?  Rachel was voted in as our delegate with Anna as alternate #1 and Lorelei as alternate #2.
    5. Social Justice Fund – Gloria may have found a project!!  The West Central Women’s Resource Centre has built a new kitchen but need a few more items.  They provide cooking lessons and related classes to new immigrants.  Not that they don’t know how to cook, just that they may not know how to cook with the foods that are available in this, their new home.  Gloria is going to work on a business plan to be presented to Marianne so that we can get that money used before the end of the year when it is slated to be returned to Ottawa coffers.
    6. Christmas Campaign presented by Silvie (with a bit of help from Christine)
      1. The idea is to buy Christmas gift bags and fill them with women’s or kid’s stuff, i.e. gift certificates (Tim’s is good), goodies, little toys, bus tickets, anything that you need to get started for the day (deodorant, baby powder, hand / foot lotions). They are then donated to shelters, etc.  Gloria to check with Gus about making a donation of goods or doing a couple of bags
  7. Next meeting date is January 10, 2017 at 5:15, AGM and budget.
  8. Adjourned at 7:05
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