Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes (May 2017)

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee
Tuesday – May 16, 2017 – 5:30 pm
PSAC – 175 Hargrave Street
Attendees: Sheilagh Hanson, Shelley Henn , Nicole Papineau, Rachel d’Eschambault, Christine Dmyterko, Serina Pottinger, Dawn MacAulay, Yvonne Hein, Karoline Klug Regrets:
1. Call to Order at 5:36
2. Anti-Harassment Statement
3. Agenda approved
4. Adopt minutes approved
5. Treasurer advised 2 (later amended to 3) cheques going out
6. Budget report
7. Kent Road cheque to be sent out asap approved
8. Treasurer’s report :
9. Nicole now has signing authority. No further info at this time.
10. Review of budget
(I) National day of mourning and other items - may be too late to use funds. Need to put in requests to use funds for 2018
(II) Self-defense may need to wait until fall
(III) Rachel to email Marianne for clarification on the intent of the funds for Flavie Laurent
(IV) Bibs not approved (not denied at this time) – review of new company to purchase bibs

11. National Equity Conference recap – discussions on topics such as ally workshops, elections, resolutions.
12. CLC, Triannual Convention recap
13. Upcoming speakers – Mama & Baby bear clan prior to Aboriginal Day
14. Round Table
(I) Point Douglas NDP election Bernadette’s kick off is Friday 5-9
(II) Karoline accepting a new Education position
(III) Nicole is happy she has signing authority
(IV) Rachel to go to Prairie Union School for Women or MFL (TBD).
(V) Karoline discusses options with Rachel to help her local get training
(VI) Public speaking seminar – Authentically Speaking – June 12 @ 62 Albert $10 in advance/$20 at door. Highly recommended to encourage women to be more vocal

15. Next meeting Date: TBD Sheilagh will communicate

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