August 22: Winnipeg Airport Strike Update

Despite an attempt this weekend by the union to return to the table to end the Winnipeg Airport strike that has been in effect since July 24, the Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) is doubling-down on its efforts to contract out their employees’ work.

WAA has been falsely telling the media that we did not respond to their last offer before the strike began. We did respond even though they didn’t like the answer but just to be sure, we attempted to re-start a meaningful negotiation this weekend and WAA’s answer was clear.

Our members are incredibly disappointed - but they are committed to go the distance. We will always be willing to continue the struggle one day longer than the employer. We are fighting for our jobs, and for the safety of the flying public. Contracting out won't fly!

This strike looks like it could stretch out because of the employer's poor decision-making, so our members will need your support.

Please Donate to the Local Strike Fund

We want to thank everyone who has donated to the local strike fund up to now. We all know that strikes are not only hard for our members but also on their families. Financial assistance will help members to ensure they can focus on the maintaining a strong picket like. Make cheques payable to UCTE 50600 (Strike Fund in the memo field) and mail or drop them off at PSAC Regional Office, 460 – 175 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R8.

Respect the Picket Line

A big "thank you" goes out to the many individuals, organizations and fellow unions who have respected the picket line. Some of our friends - like the Manitoba Teachers' Society, the Manitoba Federation of Labour, CUPE and MGEU and more - have written to the Winnipeg Airport to let them know that they will not be using the Winnipeg Airport for the duration of the strike.

Join Us On The Picket Line

If you are going out to the picket line, please stop by the Strike HQ at the Victoria Inn to see where the lines are. We will be moving things around so if you are out there and don’t see any members or have any questions, stop by Strike HQ. Please make sure you identify yourself to a Picket Captain upon your arrival. And please note we are not using the airport parkade but you can park at the Victoria Inn and someone from Strike HQ will drop you off at the picket line.

Send Emails to the Winnipeg Airport

Urge the Winnipeg Airport to return to the bargaining table with a mandate to negotiate a fair agreement for both sides.

Barry Rempel, President and CEO,

Vince Dancho, Vice President, Operations,

Send Email to Political Leaders

Urge political leaders to contact Barry Rempel to get them back to the table. This strike is stopping people from coming to Winnipeg and if they want this over, they should encourage WAA to get back to the table with a mandate.

Mayor Brian Bowman,

Frances Smee , RM of Rosser Reeve,

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