Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee; Meeting Minutes - Sep 28 2017

WINNIPEG Regional Women’s Committee
September 28th, 2017


Sheilagh Hanson
Rachel d’Eschambault
Elaine Lawrence
Anna Goldfeld
Yvonne Hein
Serina Pottinger
Tina Matias-Bouchard – PSAC Staff

REGRETS: Nicole Papineau


1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Sheilagh Hanson @ 520 pm
2. Statement on Harrassment – deemed in effect (Motion accepted – Rachel d’Eschambault, seconded Elaine Lawrence)
3. Adoption of Agenda :
o Moved by Serina Pottinger, seconded by Anna Golfeld
4. Adoption of Aug 15th minutes
o Moved by Elaine Lawrence, seconded by Serina Pottinger
5. Treasure report:
o Balance as of Aug 18th - $2815.66
o Nicole Absent to discuss
o Kent Road not yet cashed –Sheilagh to communicate with Kent Road
o Motion to adopt Treasure report by Anna Goldfeld, seconded by Rachel d’Eschambault
6. Previous business:
o Overview of Shoal Lake by Sheilagh and Serina
• Oct 22 tentative second trip ($20 museum/$10 lunch/toll and Gas $ reimbursed to members)
o 16 days of activism ideas – Sheilagh to send email re: drawing contest. Prizes
o Review of Jim Carr’s office protest – getting smaller and smaller numbers. Email to be sent out to move the protest around to offices. First one Oct 4th – Yvonne’s office, 127 Lombard
o Self-defence course – TBA $50/class 12 hour (either 6 Thursdays/2 hours or 6 hours on weekends?)
o Should we sent out a forum survey for non-activists to ask what would entice them?

7. New business:
o Take back the night march and funding request:– Oct 19th
• Funding $250 towards their $1200 budget
o Signing authority :
• Rachel d’Eschambault receiving signing authority as a back up to Nicole Papineau - (motion carried Serina Pottinger, 2nded by Sheilagh Hanson). Requires letter and minutes. Letter to be sent to Rachel by email.
o Oct 4th vigil – Currently no vigil being held in Wpg. Sisters in Spirit being held in Brandon (?)
o Christmas Parade – Nov 18 - will require help with float. Welcome kids on float. Go out to locals.
8. Flavie Laurent:
Rachel to write a letter to submit to locals after GCWCC

9. Round Table
10. Next meeting date: October 26th, 5:15 pm
11. Adjournment – 6:45pm
o Motioned by Sheilagh Hanson, seconded by Rachel d’Eschambault

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