Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee; AGM Minutes - Jan 9 2018

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee – Annual General Meeting
January 9, 2018 at 5:15pm
PSAC – 175 Hargrave Street

Attendance: Sheilagh Hanson, Nicole Papineau, Rachel d’Eschambault, Lorelei Topnik, Rita Gordon, Serina Pottinger, Anna Goldfeld, Christine Dmytenko and Tina Matias-Bouchard (PSAC)


1. Call to Order 5:17 pm

2. Statement on Harassment – Read and Abided

3. Approval of the Agenda – Moved – Rachel 2nd Nicole

4. Review and approval of minutes from January 10th, 2017 meeting (AGM) – Moved – Lorelei, 2nd Serina

5. Treasurer’s Report: to be reviewed at the next meeting, but balance is currently at $1979.32

6. Previous business:
(i) The budget : Standing item for next meeting (Passed out draft for review)
(ii) Stale dated check : Nicole cancelled the cheque at the bank. Stop payment valid for 6 months and will need to be renewed in July by Lorelei (no charge unless someone tries to cash it)

7. New Business
(i) Committee Training, other upcoming training :
• Ju Jitsu training Mondays 7-9 (free) at the Wii Chiiwaakanak learning centre
• All committees –committee training Jan 17 -515pm at the PSAC office
• Inaugural meeting on January 18th at PSAC office for Young Workers Committee (please share with locals)
• TUB – 19-20 Jan at PSAC office
• Grievance Handling Feb 10/11 at PSAC office
• Political Action Feb 23/24/25 at PSAC office
• Violence Prevention March 17/18 at PSAC office
• Phoenix training for Pay advocates –This Thursday at 7pm as well as Jan 16 at noon, 4 and 5 pm at PSAC office + lunch and learns at locals (ask your office if they are interested in scheduling this on site)
• Equal Voice Jan 27th (training regarding municipal campaigns to get more women elected into positions
• Youth Conference April 13-15
• Local officers Jan27/28
• National Conference April 30th
• MFL Convention May 24/25

(ii) Women’s March –Jan 20th; parade permit research being done by Sheilagh. Funds for Permit/Insurance. Approved by the entire committee to use funds from our budget, and/or request from Revp’s office for $200 or less (Marianne offered to help fund). Serina’s name to be on permit.

(iii) Upcoming Events (see above for list)

8. Election of officers for 2018:

Chair: Nominations: Sheilagh Hanson – Moved – Rachel, 2nd Serina – Wins by acclamation
Co-Chair: Nominations: Rita Gordon – Moved –Sheilagh, 2nd Nicole – Wins by acclamation
Secretary: Nominations: Rachel d’Eschambault – Moved – Anna, 2nd Sheilagh – Wins by acclamation
Treasurer: Nominations: Lorelei Topnik –Moved –Sheilagh, 2nd Anna – Wins by acclamation

Oath administered by Tina

Thank you to Nicole for all her hard work as previous treasurer!!!

9. Next meeting date confirmed, February 6/2018

10. Adjournment: 6:50p.m.

Our Organization: