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Retirement Revolution
February 11, 2015, 7:00 p.m. (MB/SK) / 6:00 p.m. (AB)

Retirement security is an issue that affects everyone. Whether you’re new to the workforce or close to retiring, have a pension or are relying on CPP, this month’s free webinar is one you won’t want to miss!

We’ll discuss the current pensions landscape in Canada, including CPP, the attack on pensions and labour’s response. We’ll also touch on current bargaining trends for pensions, women and pensions, and more.

This webinar will take a broad approach to pensions to be inclusive of PSAC’s diverse membership. Members will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

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What will be covered?

We will discuss the current landscape of the Canadian labour market, the federal government's response to the pension crisis, the labour movement's response, the Canadian Pension Plan and CPP reform, women and pensions, current pension trends (including the move to target benefit pensions), and more. We will also answer questions from members.

Who should register?

All members should register for this webinar to learn more about the important issue of pensions and retirement security. This webinar will help us understand the current issues facing workers and the ongoing attempts from employers and governments to cutback on pensions for workers. This is a critically important issue that everyone needs to know about. Regardless of individual circumstances, we should all be concerned because cutbacks to any pension plan will eventually spread others.

Guest Speakers

  • Barb Byers
    Canadian Labour Congress, Secretary-Treasurer

Barb’s life has been spent fighting for the underdog; from her early years as a social worker to the Presidencies of first the Saskatchewan Government Employees Union (SGEU) and then the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) before being elected as a CLC Executive Vice-President in 2002 and then Secretary-Treasurer in 2014.

Through her work at the CLC, Barb has been responsible for labour education; medicare and health care; workplace training and technology; employment insurance; apprenticeships; and issues of concern to women workers, workers with disabilities and gay, bi-sexual, lesbian and transgender workers.

  • Chris Roberts
    Canadian Labour Congress, National Director - Social and Economic Policy Department

Chris has worked for the CLC since 2011. He is a labour educator, pension trustee, and the author of Pension Confidential (Lorimer, 2012), with Robert Drummond. Chris holds a Ph.D. in political science from York University in Toronto, and lives and works in Ottawa.

  • Marianne Hladun
    PSAC Prairie Region, Regional Executive Vice-President

An active PSAC member for over 20 years, Hladun’s comprehensive union experience spans various positions, committees and bargaining teams. Hladun was a member of the National CFIA bargaining team for six years. As REVP she is responsible for 26 regional bargaining units. 

As part of her Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) portfolio assignments, she is responsible for Parks Canada and Royal Canadian Mint bargaining. She also shares responsibility for the Education and Young Workers' Initiative AEC portfolios with Ontario REVP Sharon DeSousa. As a certified PSAC Alliance Facilitator, Hladun has developed and delivered courses to PSAC, CLC, and SFL, among others. 

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The PSAC Prairie Region hosts monthly, interactive webinars as an outlet for members to learn about critical issues and get important updates. The webinars are also an opportunity for members to ask questions and give feedback.