Winnipeg RWC - Activities - May 2012

To: Manitoba PSAC Locals/Branches

From: PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee

RE: 1) Toiletry Collection
        2) 6th Annual School Supply Drive

1) Toiletry Collection

Reminder to members that the Winnipeg Regional Women's Committee is still accepting donations of toiletries (shampoo, soap, body wash, toothpaste, tooth brushes, etc...)  You can drop off donations at the Winnipeg regional office.  Donations are packaged and donated to programs that require toiletries and provide them to those in need in the community.

2) 6th Annual School Supply Drive

From May to the end of September, the PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) invites your local/branch to participate and collect school supplies.  Locals/Branches in the past have held collection drives in their workplaces for school supplies. 

If you local/branch chooses to donate funds instead of collecting supplies, you may mail or drop off a cheque* to:

Attn: PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee
         PSAC Winnipeg Regional Office
         Suite 460 - 175 Hargrave Street
        Winnipeg MB R3C 3R8

*cheques made to the ‘PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee’.

PSAC Members Supporting Children’s Education

Since, 2009 over 70 boxes of school supplies have been gathered and donated by PSAC members in Manitoba.  These supplies have been distributed to 40 plus schools and funds raised have supported Winnipeg Inner City school lunch programs.

Together we can make a difference!!!

Contact the PSAC Winnipeg Regional Office for questions, (204) 947-1601.

In Solidarity,
PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee

For more information contact:
Deanna Kimball-Cook,
PSAC Winnipeg Regional Rep
(204) 947-1601 or

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