Winnipeg RWC Minutes (Feb 2012)

PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 5:15 pm

In attendance: Paula Nygaard, Gloria Kelly, Debbie Stern
Regrets: Cathy Moar, Karon Sackney, Dawn MacAulay, Vimbai Dune, Carol Selby

1. Meeting commenced at 5:20 pm

2. Minutes from November 23, 2011 were approved

3. Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report: As of January 31, 2012 there was $4190.55 in the bank. ($995.71 held aside for convention and remainder for m the school supply drive)

4. New Business:
a) International Women’s Day – Info Session & REVP Letter
Sister Kimball shared the IWD information from the PSAC Women’s Program and the REVP’s letter. The committee suggested that they host a film night on March 8th at the Winnipeg RO. A poster will be developed and circulated to the locals and committees inviting Sisters and Brothers to attend. Sister Kelly will bring food for the event.
Will view the CBC documentary “The F-Word – Who wants to be a Feminist”
The Manitoba Federation of Labour – Canadian Labour Congress & Winnipeg Labour Council will have the annual IWD pancake breakfast on March 8th. Sister Kimball will circulate the poster for those who would like to attend.

b) S.N.O.W. Night
The committee suggested that $50.00 be used to purchase donations for the SNOW night event. Sister Kimball will contact the rest of the committee for approval. This was the amount that was given in the past. As well, the left over toiletries from last years drive will be donated to the event.

c) 2012 Regional Allocation and Info for Assiniboine Credit Union
The 2012 Regional Allocation from the Prairie Region Council has arrived ($ 857.00) and will be deposited when the signors go to the bank to change signing authorities on the bank account.

5. Next meeting date – Wednesday, March 8, 2012 (Int’l Women’s Day)

6. Adjourned at 6:10 pm

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