Winnipeg RWC Minutes (May 2012)

In Attendance: Cathy, Karon, Paula, Deanna
Regrets: Gloria Kelly, Dawn MacAulay, Vimbai Dune1. Call to Order 5:15pm
2. Introductions
3. Adoption of Agenda M/S Paula/Cathy
4. Adoption of Minutes M/S Karon/Cathy
5. Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report M/S Cathy/Karon
6. Old Business:
a. School Supply Drive – Deanna sent email to Winnipeg Blue Bombers asking for a date to collect School Supplies. Requested August 16 or 24.
b. Leftover pennies in Deanna’s office will be picked up by Paula and with Lindsay’s assistance in getting pennies to her car, Paula will make a deposit
c. Poster for the School Supply Drive was made and approved by the committee members for distribution.
7. New Business:
a. National Aboriginal Day June 21 – Looking for volunteers for events on Selkirk Avenue or Friendship Centre
b. DisAbled Women’s Network (DAWN) Manitoba DAWN – Discovering Wellness Forum. The registration date for this event has passed; possibly request that they come speak to us at an upcoming event.
c. Handmaids on the Hill protest Conservatives’ Anti-Abortion Bill M-312. Women sported red garments and “Flying Nun” hats and protested this bill as it is a regressive attack on women. “Affordable daycare for working parents isn’t on the agenda – apparently you have to be a fetus to matter to a Conservative”
8. Next meeting June 27, 2012 at 5:15pm
9. Meeting Adjourned 6:05pm.

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