Webinar #9: Returning to Work Following the Pandemic

This interactive webinar discussed;

  • As businesses re-open and many people return to work, what does this mean for us moving around in our communities?
  • Health authorities still emphasize social distancing, what does this mean for our workplaces?
  • What protections should employers have in place as we go back to work?
  • What questions should members be asking to ensure that their own needs are met?

Additional resources are provided below for specific concerns such as the right to refuse unfair work and how duty to accommodate may play a role in the return to work in some cases.  

View the recording of PSAC Prairies's Webinar #9: Returning to Work Following the Pandemic. 

PSAC's plan for a successful return to the workplace for members: http://psacunion.ca/what-successful-return-workplace-plan-looks

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety: https://www.ccohs.ca/products/publications/covid19/

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