COVID During the Holidays: Are you mentally healthy? A Supportive Discussion.

This special webinar was an informative hour long session in an interactive format discussing mental health issues in these difficult times. We checked in with participants, explored challenges maintaining proper mental health, and provided tips and resources for those in need. We also has a special guest presenter, Dr. Leigh Quesnel, to tailor the discussion. Document provided during the webinar are attached. Watch the recording.

About Dr. Leigh Quesnel

Leigh Quesnel is the Director of HQS Clinical Services. In this capacity he has been a leading organizational consultant for well over 20 years.  He has worked with small and large organizations in both the public and private sector, nationally and internationally.  Dr. Leigh has served numerous federal and provincial government departments and crown corporations.  In the private sector, he has worked with a number of large service and manufacturing enterprises.  More recently in light of the current pandemic Dr. Leigh has spent significant time helping individuals and organization manage the challenges of social isolation and the new workplace.  See more on this aspect of his work at

Dr. Quesnel also maintains an active clinical practice and has done so for 20 years.  He has worked in northern Indigenous settings for some number of years and continues to be actively implicated there.  His focus is pragmatic, and land based as well as client and culture centred with an accent on problems solving and moving forward gently and respectfully. 

Dr. Quesnel is recognised for his capacity to integrate the most recent academic thinking and best practices to yield some of the most novel, well thought out and pragmatic therapeutic solutions to the many dilemma presented to us by a complex, rapidly and unpredictably changing world.   

Finally, Leigh has a Ph. D. in psychology and has lectured in the faculties of psychology and commerce at the universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg.   He speaks French and English fluently and works regularly in both those languages. 

Stay safe,

Clint Wirth
Regional Representative, Health and Safety- Prairie Region
Public Service Alliance of Canada