Regional Health & Safety Conference Update

Dear Sisters and Brothers

Your Prairie Region Council Health and Safety Committee (Brothers Clint Wirth, Manitoba and Alec Goertzen, Alberta along with Sister Nancy Johnson, Saskatchewan) have been working hard on plans for your upcoming Regional Health and Safety Conference.  Along with your Regional Executive Vice-President (Sister Marianne Hladun) and your Regional Representative Health and Safety (Brother Bruce Campbell), we are happy to report on progress in this endeavour.

The dates are set for 2012, Saturday, November 17 full day and Sunday, November 18 until noon.  Plans are for out of town participants to arrive on Friday evening and depart on Sunday after adjournment.

The location will be Edmonton, Alberta and the facility will be the Holiday Inn Express Downtown.  

In response to resolutions from the Prairie Region Convention and the PSAC National Convention, the overall theme will deal with Mental Health in the Workplace with particular attention to the impact and prevention of Bullying.  We will work together in a variety of formats in order to provide tools, resources and confidence to you in how to deal with these issues and the negative impacts that have perpetrated so many of our workplaces.

Please note that this Conference is not an introductory format.  The information that will be utilized does not replace the Health and Safety Basics Courses that are available through the PSAC and other sources.  Please check with your Regional Office regarding Health Safety Courses that may be available within your Region.

The application process and the process of locals and committees to provide resolutions will be detailed at a later date.  For the first time resolutions will form part of the format for our Prairie Regional Health and Safety Conference.

A number of details remain to be worked out, but we wanted to get this information out at this time.

In Solidarity

Your Prairie Region Health and Safety Committee