2021 Prairie Region Convention Call Out & Resolutions

Attention: All Locals/Branches of PSAC Prairies, Component National Officers, Component Full-Time Vice-Presidents of Prairie Region, Prairie Region Council, Area Councils, Regional Women’s Committees, Human Rights Committees, Equity Committees, National Indigenous Peoples’ Circles and Regional Young Workers Committees

The 8th Triennial Prairie Region Convention will be held virtually June 25-27, 2021.

Deadline for receipt of supplemental resolutions:  February 19, 2021

Deadline for delegate and observer registration:    February 19, 2021

Deadline for Prairie Voice Award Nominations:      May 21, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the 2020 Regional Conventions to be postponed to 2021. For the first time in PSAC history, our Regional Conventions will be held virtually. In recreating conventions as virtual events, changes are required to the standard hours of session, agenda, and rules of order utilized by PSAC. These changes are intended to help delegates address the priority convention business in a manner that respects the challenges of conducting these conventions virtually.

They include:

  1. Hours of Session: shall be 4.5 hours per day, in 90-minute segments, with breaks in-between sessions.
  2. Agenda: 
  • shall contain the priorities which each convention must address: passing a budget, election of officers, and priority resolutions. Resolution Committees have been asked to prioritize their resolutions and present their ten (10) priorities to convention. All outstanding resolutions remaining at the conclusion of each convention shall be referred to the appropriate Regional Council. 
  • The use of guest speakers has been restricted to the PSAC National President only.
  • Component caucus meetings will take place outside the hours of session.
  • Any all-candidates meetings will occur outside the hours of session.
  • Orientation and training for delegates will be scheduled in advance of each convention.

3.  Rules of Order: revised rules of order will be produced to better reflect the functioning of virtual Regional Conventions. Additional materials to assist with members’ participation on the virtual convention platform will also be prepared. Training on the convention platform will be provided in advance of the Regional Conventions. 

PSAC conventions are traditionally an opportunity to bring members together. While COVID-19 has impeded our ability to be together in person, we shall come together virtually to participate in this important democratic process. There may be instances where delegates and observers will want to congregate in person to participate in their regional convention. Given the unknown evolution of the pandemic, all members are advised to respect the public health directives issued by the relevant municipal, provincial/territorial and federal health authorities regarding restrictions on in-person gatherings. PSAC will not place members and their families at any additional risk, therefore all delegates and observers are asked to respect health and safety guidelines when participating in their Regional Convention.

Attached is the call out and resolutions sumbitted for the Finance/General Committee, General Resolutions Committee and Bylaws Committee.

All questions regarding the 2021 Virtual Prairie Region Convention should be submitted to Prairies2020Convention@psac-afpc.com

I look forward to seeing you virtually at convention.

In solidarity,

Marianne Hladun
Regional Executive Vice-President
PSAC Prairies


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